Did you know that colour can influence the way you feel,
as well as how others perceive you?
What are you currently saying to others with the colours you are wearing?

We are very excited to inform you of our new selection of programmes which will be introduced by an expert facilitator from February 2008.
These workshops are based on the most sought
after capabilities in the workplace.
Let us know which you may be interested
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Speaking in Colour

·         What are you saying?

Exciting Brand New 2008 Programmes!

·         Communication Excellence

·         Effective Business Writing

·         A Work in Progress

·         Principles of Personal Management

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[ ]   Communication Excellence
[ ]   Effective Business writing
[ ]   A Work in Progress
[ ]   Principles of Personal Management

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Reveal Your True Colours

Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel.
Ever looked in the mirror and felt you look dull, boring?
Are you confused about which colours suit you best?
A personalized colour consultation will determine the most suitable colours for you.

The Incorrect Colours will make you: look tired, depressed, unapproachable, aggressive, angry; dulls your complexion; distorts your face shape, shows up pigmentation marks; accentuates lines and dark circles under eyes.

The Correct Colours will: contour, define bone structure; improve skin texture; smooth lines, shadows; even out skin imperfections, define the eye area, lift up features.

The Colour Consultation process will indicate to you:

·         A collection of colours that suit you the best

·         Why certain shades complement you more than others

·         How best to wear colours you already have

·         A combination of colours that make your wardrobe more versatile

·         Which shades of make-up items will suit you best

·         What hair colour tones too opt for


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Speaking in Colour

Scientists have found that colours can influence our mood – a process called chromodynamics. When your eyes see colour, it sends a message to the brain which is transferred to your body. To see how colour affects us, we only have to look at nature. You look up at the sky and you feel somehow calmer. You sit on the grass and feel peaceful. You stand on the earth and feel grounded.

How colour affects your body, is actually not as mysterious as it might sound. Dark clothing will increase your body heat because it traps and holds the sun’s energy. This will again affect the skin and if you wear black all the time you might find that your skin goes pasty. You might also feel tired because the heat generated around your body will be draining. In contrast, light coloured and white clothing will lift your mood because it allows light to flow in and out of the body. Therefore it will be better to wear white if you have a cold rather than dark colours as it could help you recover faster.

Colour is like a sculptor’s pallet allowing us to create the perfect balance of light and shadow, sculpting and softening.

A Guide to Colour

Red is a color that is impossible to ignore as it can add a note of intensity and drama to any situation. If you wish to communicate passion and assertiveness, wear red. Paloma Picasso used red as a signature statement. Politicians often wear red ties to add punch to their traditional dark suits. Careful though if you are going for a job interview wearing too much red will make you appear intimidating to the interviewer. It is a physically active colour and may cause your blood pressure to rise – therefore wear it if you suffer from low blood pressure. Wear red socks and gloves in winter to help improve poor circulation.

Orange is said to be excellent for when you’re feeling listless. It’s also recommended for stimulating the immune system. If you need to complete a difficult project or dealing with difficult clients, wear rust to help you feel determined.

Yellow is a color that appears happy and sunny. It communicates high energy, originality and innovation. Wearing yellow imparts a sense of optimism and hope. It is a good colour to wear when feeling tired as it may energise. Also try wearing it when feeling depressed. Wear it if you need to concentrate (attending a course or workshop). Go yellow when you need to study or be creative as it’s a stimulating colour.

Green denotes a kind, helpful person who cares about others. It also shows you are stable and balanced. Wearing green will assist you in appearing to be outgoing and social. Green can also be worn when you’re tense and need to relax.

Brown and Beige’s can be worn to communicate a sense of substance, worth, and warmth. A shade of dark brown could make you feel more critical of others so rather choose lighter brown when having to deal with people. Wearing brown does aid physical and emotional endurance and it may help stabilise someone who is inconsistent in their behaviour.

Blue shows you’re a thinker and good communicator. People place a sense of trust in those who wear blue. Many military and airline staff have blue uniforms-representing responsibility. It may also prevent you from becoming emotionally drained.

Pink can appear tender and refined and can impart a quality of gentleness to an outfit. Pink at one point was considered totally feminine, but is acceptable in menswear as a shirt or tie color. Pink helps relax the muscles - also helps release mental tension. Wear pink to help relieve pain.

Taupe’s and Grey’s often blend into the environment and make you appear cool, composed and reliable.

Black is the negation of color but is often chosen as a color to wear in business. It can appear mysterious, intense and powerful. Wearing black encourages self-control and you’ll be able to stand your ground better when wearing black. Black does tend to send the message to stay away from the wearer. It also conveys an impression of wisdom.

White is symbolic of cleanliness and freshness. It is recommended if you feel weighed down by worry as it’s said to be uplifting.

Book your colour consulation and enjoy these benefits:

·         Wearing the appropriate colours will dramatically increase confidence levels.

·         Creating a professional, individual image is extremely important to climb the ladder of success. Wearing the appropriate colours will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

·         Having a co–ordinated wardrobe will save you time and money.

·         From now on you will be confident that everything you chose will look good together.


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Exciting , Brand new 2008 Programmes!

The rules for work have changed dramatically in the past few years. It is no longer about how smart we are but how well we handle ourselves and each other at work.

Our new programmes focus on developing the 3 most sought after skills in the work place:

·         communication skills

·         interpersonal skills

·         self-management skills

What’s in it for you:

·         be more effective and productive

·         co-ordinate interaction

·         create a supportive work atmosphere

·         continual growth and improvement

Communication Skills

understanding and handling colleagues and clients


1. The Communication Excellence Workshop

·         Do you find it difficult to express your thoughts or ideas?

·         Do you often misunderstand or misinterpret people?

·         Do you find it hard to focus on what others are saying because you are so busy preparing a response to impress?

·         Do you feel ignored and that people don’t take you seriously?

Learn how to:

·         be an effective listener

·         structure your thoughts and get your message across clearly and succinctly

·         sell your ideas and be more persuasive

·         improve your telephone techniques

·         deal with angry and abusive customers

2. Effective Business Writing Workshop

·         Do you find it hard to put your thoughts onto paper?

·         Are you trying to impress your reader instead of focusing on the key message?

·         Do you realize a lot of the business writing techniques you were taught at school are outdated and time-consuming?

·         Do you wish you could write with ease and clarity?

Learn how to:

·         structure your thoughts clearly and effortlessly

·         apply 5 easy steps that will make your writing easy to read and write

·         focus on the main message

·         write for the reader

Interpersonal Skills

seeking to understand ourselves so as to understand others better


There is a lack of social skills in the work place. 70% of people who leave their jobs, go because of their manager and not their work.

3. A Work In Progress

·         are your emotional responses to situations appropriate and effective?

·         do you find you tend to either overreact or do you avoid uncomfortable situations?

·         do you know how to give or take criticism?

Discover how to:

·         apply the 9 different ways of relating in business

·         build the best working relationship with your colleagues and discover conditions that make you and them thrive

·         ensure job satisfaction

·         improve productivity

·         bring about a profound understanding of oneself

·         know why we behave the way we do

·         improve and develop relationships with family and friends

·         respond when stressed

·         find what your higher abilities particular to your personality are and how to develop these

·         identify others character traits and know how to deal with them

Self-Management Skills

the principles of taking the initiative


4. Principles of Personal Management

Studies have found that 81% of employees at entry- level jobs have no self-discipline in their work habits.

·         Do you feel your life has no direction and that you are no longer the “master of your own destiny“?

·         Do outside circumstances and your moods dictate your life?

·         Are you always busy, but have nothing to show for your day’s efforts?

Learn how to:

·         manage your time effectively

·         prioritize and set goals

·         unlock the leader in you

·         take control of your life

·         handling conflict situations effectively

·         solve problems pro-actively

About the Facilitator

Mariette Malherbe has 10 years experience in designing and facilitating all the above workshops for the top a-z companies. She has a B.A. (English and Psychology) and H.E.D. (English and Guidance Psychology). Mariette is passionate about people development and growth and encouraging individuals to take ownership and accountability of their lives and their workplace performance.She is highly skilled in the field of personal transformation and in assisting people to harness their true potential. We can't wait for you to meet her!

Where to from here?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Please tick the appropriate box to indicate which of these workshops interest you and you would like more information on:

[ ]   Communication Excellence
[ ]   Effective Business writing
[ ]   A Work in Progress
[ ]   Principles of Personal Management

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Gayle Friedman, founder of The Sunshine Health Academy in Cape Town
Margaret Leven’s

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