If your hectic schedule does not allow you to cuddle up under a warm blanket with an uplifting book or to watch your favourite TV programme, you may be suffering from the Superhero Syndrome. While you are making more time for yourself with our Survival Strategies, learn how to make a fabulous entrance and create a first impression that is unforgettable.

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Smashing the Superhero Syndrome.

  • Are you over committed and under-satisfied?
  • Survival Strategies
  • Ways to waste your time

Making an unforgettable entrance.


When last did you celebrate
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Smashing the Superhero Syndrome


The 21st century has created many new phenomena, and not just in terms of the incredible technology we have available today. We also have a phletora of stress related illnesses and new paradigms such as the Superhero Syndrome, as we struggle to cope with our ever-growing list of tasks and roles.

The Superhero Syndrome is a powerful motivator, which drives us to do more each day, even as we struggle to fit all our tasks into 24 hours. The fact is, rich or poor, we all only get 24 hours in one day! How you choose to spend this time is the issue.

Are you over committed and under-satisfied?

Book time with yourself for a priority adjustment check at least once a month.
Ask yourself:

  • Are you spending your time fulfilling your purpose?
  • Do you see tangible results from your busyness?
  • Are you mostly busy with important things or with urgent things?

Ask yourself when a task presents itself, "Is this urgent or is it important?"

  • Is the project being pushed your way important for your career development or is it just an urgent job that will waste your time and energy?
  • Is the impossible deadline you face an important opportunity to show your capabilities or is it simply urgent because a colleague has not finished their work on time?
  • Is it important to visit your sick friend, because she needs you, or simply urgent because she wants someone to share her misery with?
  • Is the third project meeting this week important? Will you really miss something essential if you are not there?

"Every day you have you will never have again."

Joyce Meyer 

Survival Strategies

Get rid of those tasks that are not important and sap your time and energy. Outsource, automate, minimise their frequency or cut them out completely.

  • Do the most unpleasant, difficult or intense tasks first, so they do not hang over you for the rest of the day.
  • When you are working on a project, close your office door and let someone take messages for you.
  • Watch your time talk, never say things like "I have time to kill." It de-values the importance of your time in your subconscious.
  • Always have your filofax / electronic diary with you, so you can immediately schedule tasks and projects and will clearly see when projects or deadlines clash.
  • Don't rely on your memory, use your diary to remember birthdays, scheduled maintenance for your car and other important to do's.
  • Don't place yourself under unnecessary stress, rushing from one appointment to another in a hectic manner. Be realistic when scheduling appointments and give yourself plenty of time.
  • Buy fresh food that is already chopped, sliced or diced.
  • Let the mechanic come and collect your vehicle for a service and bring it back once it is done.
  • Find a hairdresser that will do house calls.
  • Find a kiddies transport service to take the kids to all their extra-mural activities.
  • Get a babysitter to do homework with the kids, so you can spend quality, fun time with them.

These survival strategies will go some way to help you take back your time, so that you can give your best to those who depend on you for the important things.

Ways to waste your time

  • Deadworks - trying to make something happen that is not working.
    • Doing something that will produce no reward or doing it with the wrong motive.
    • Stop trying to help someone who does not want to be helped.
  • Worrying - tormenting yourself with useless thinking. It fatigues you and wastes your energy.
    • Have you ever seen a bird having a nervous breakdown thinking, "Where is my next worm coming from?"
    • You cannot add anything to your life by worrying but you can take years off your life by doing it.
  • Reasoning - trying to constantly figure things out. You can be addicted to reasoning, over-analyzing every situation. It's about having all the answers and ultimately always wanting to be in control! Stop constantly harassing yourself with questions such as, "Why has that opportunity for a promotion not happened yet?" and "Why did I have to go through that abusive relationship?" The more you want to figure things out, the more confused you get.



  • Don't know if you are coming or going?
  • Feeling constantly exhausted?
  • Is there little or no time for friends and family?
  • Does your "To Do" list never end?
  • Worried you are showing most of these symptoms?

Guess what? You are on the fast track to total "flame out"!
Not sure what to do next?

This fun, music-filled, interactive presentation will let you discover...

  • Where are you right now?
  • Where would you like to be?
  • How are you going to get there?
  • Tips to simplify your life
  • How to make time for you
  • Strategies for coping with your daily stresses

Treat yourself, your staff and your clients to an exciting and empowering workshop offering practical help and guidance to smash the Superhero Syndrome.

Be inspired and uplifted as you learn how to take back your time and deal with your multi-faceted roles, whilst maintaining your sanity!

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Making an unforgettable entrance

If walking into a room full of unfamiliar people scares you, you have good reason! You only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression.

Ever noticed how some people just walk into a room and suddenly fill it with their presence? Their secret? They know how to make an entrance and understand the silent language of first impressions. Making an unforgettable impression as you walk into a room is a powerful weapon in your arsenal, one that gives you an edge, imperceptibly shaping the way that others perceive you.

Secrets to making an impressive entrance

  • Do your homework - know what the dress code is. You don't want to be dressed in formal attire when everyone else is wearing casual smart.
  • Wear something, like a tie or a necklace, that will make you noticeable in an impressive way.
  • Be on time - being fashionably late has no place in today's hectic business world. Being late means you do not value other people's time. You are also likely to make a rushed entrance, which will give others an impression that you are flustered and not in control.
  • Pack away your cellphone, sunglasses, car keys and whatever else you are carrying so you don't walk in with your arms full of stuff.
  • To manage any nervousness, stop for a moment before you walk in, take a deep breath and visualize making the perfect entrance.
  • Check your posture - stand up straight, head up, shoulders back.
  • Leave your self-consciousness at the door before walking in.
  • Walk in with a pleasant smile, relax your body and your facial muscles, and make casual eye contact.
  • Don't stop or hesitate as you walk through the door. Walk at a casual, steady pace to the centre of the room, as if you know someone. Don't stand in the door scanning the room for someone you know.
  • Don't head straight to bar or buffet table.
  • Show confidence, even if you have to fake it. If you are uncertain of the protocol at the meeting or function, watch what other people are doing ("mirroring") and follow suit.

"You never get a second chance
to make a first impression."

Author unknown. 

Practice makes perfect

Sound like a tall order? The good news is that as you implement these tips, you will see immediate results, which will boost your confidence and make it easier to make an entrance next time.

Practice at home until the right posture and relaxed, warm smile are second nature. Plan your time well so you will never have to make a rushed entrance. Dress appropriately and be prepared. Each time you make a successful entrance you will get one step closer to becoming one of those people who turn all heads when they walk into a room.


Power, Poise and Presence

You have the power to reinforce the quality and value of your products and services by looking and acting the part.
Take action today and contact us for a tailor-made programme that will help you master the art of impression management.
This programme can be presented to an entire department within your company or on a 1-on-1 basis. Through this presentation you and your staff will receive individual feedback and strategies to make your visual communication and self-branding a powerful and influential tool in today's corporate environment.

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