This past year has probably been so hectic for you that you
have forgotten the whole concept of PLAY.
In this e-letter we look at the need to put some fun back into your life.
If you are planning to spend some time basking in the sun -
have you managed to find the right costume?
Read on for some valuable tips on finding the perfect swimming attire.

This month we cover the
A & C of Impression Management

All in a Day’s Play!

·         Learn to have fun again

·         Off to Play I go

Costume Choices

·         Minimize Swimwear Trauma

·         What suits your body shape?

·         Swimwear trends

On behalf of myself and my team we would like to thank you for making 2005  inspiring, stimulating  and challenging! We feel blessed to have been involved with yourself personally as well as your company. We wish you a peaceful and joyful festive season. In 2006 standby to be wowed with more fresh initiatives and fantastic
e-letter tips!

With all our love

Gear up for the Holidays

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All in a Day’s Play!

Learn to have fun again

All work and no fun make Jack and Jill a very dull couple indeed! The number 1 regret people have when they look back on their lives, is that they took it too seriously. What’s missing for so many people is PLAY, the ability to have fun. Playing is not reserved only for children Its what keeps us young at heart, passionate in our work and allows our relationships with others to thrive and grow. When we do take time to relax and enjoy life, we are consumed with guilt that we are wasting time and should be doing something more constructive. We need to realise that we cannot afford not to play.If we constantly suppress our natural and instinctive tendency to have fun - it can manifest in unhealthy ways eg having an affair, using drugs, eating or shopping compulsively. We need to constantly remind ourselves what play is, then actively choose to do it.

“Playing is our inner joy, outwardly expressed”

Davis Kessler

Work and play needn’t be separate activities, finding enjoyment in your daily slog helps you get through the day. Limit how much work infiltrates your playtime eg the over use of cell phones – we walk and talk, eat and talk, relax and keep talking. Constant availability has become a liability. When you do play do it for pure pleasure, not for any gain. You don’t have to always beat your squash partner. Your sewing skills don’t need to be boutique perfect. If you have too many expectations and goals - you will change an activity you love into a chore. Having fun requires no agenda, apart from providing you with pleasure. So what if for the next hour you just lie on the grass and watch the clouds make patterns in the sky? Playtime can be solitary, involve friends or loved ones, may even be time spent with a favourite pet, but it must take you away from life’s seriousness.

And off to Play I go …

·         Read the comics before the financial indicators

·         Instead of your normal healthy muesli have a bowl with something luridly coloured, preferably out of a packet that includes a toy!

·         Have to wear a conservative suit all week? Buy yourself some fun underwear to wear underneath

·         Hold a games party – anything from Monopoly to 30 Seconds. Have a murder party and make everyone dress up

·         Be more spontaneous – say “Yes” to invitations you may have previously felt too busy to accept

·         Don’t wait for conventional holidays to celebrate – have a 17th day of the month party. Why? Just because …

·         Bring out the good glasses and china for your family to eat off

·         Make mud pies in the garden – even if you don’t have children

·         Buy chocolate cake mix. Mix and eat raw!

·         Build a kite, a model aeroplane and then try and make it fly

Spend time with those you care about, but remember time just for you. To do what you want, when you want to, for whatever reason. Nothing can slow down the aging process but if we keep playing we will remain forever young inside.

Forgot how to play and balance your life to prevent burnout?

The Superwoman Syndrome
is specifically for the woman who is trying to deal with her multi–faceted roles, whilst maintaining her sanity!
A Work in Progress is for all those
trying to maintain their head above water –
we will provide strategies for coping with today's harsh realities.

For more information contact us on:
Tel: (011) 467 5126    Cell: 082 895 7924    email: prof–

Costume Choices

The moment of truth has arrived. Are the past few months of not going to gym showing? Has the fad grape diet not worked?

We all hold our breath when swimsuit weather arrives. Found the ideal costume? Most of us are still searching for that perfect match!

Minimize Swimwear Trauma

·         Forget the size on the label. It must feel and look good on you no matter what the numbers say

·         If choosing a two piece, choose a brand that sells tops and bottoms separately – very few of us are perfectly balanced

·         Ask what you want your costume to do. Serious laps can’t be done in a string bikini, posing requires something little rather than something too athletic

·         Move around in your costume to make sure you don’t fall out of it or need to spend your life rearranging it

·         Choose a fabric that doesn’t take forever to dry (not crochet!) drying your costume in the sun will shorten its life as elastic and lycra perish

·         Be consoled you will look a whole lot better in blinding sunlight than you do in the unforgiving lights of the stores changing rooms

What really suits your body shape?

Minimize a Big Tummy

·         Buy a one piece costume with a reinforced tummy panel

·         Dark colours are more slimming, however if you are very fair they can look too harsh, rather try dark brown or a strong blue

·         Look for a style with shirring or gathers at the waist to soften tummy bulge

·         For a sexier silhouette find a style that is cut high at the front and low at the back or has back detail

·         In a two piece choose a bottom that sits higher on the hip to flatten tummy

·         Tankini’s work well but must not be too tight

Minimize Large Breasts

·         Be realistic on how much support you need. Triangular tops flatten at best and at worst large breast hang out from below

·         Athletic tops flatten yes, but also give the effect of a unibreast

·         Look for an under wired style, but not the padded type-bit old ladyfish

·         Halter neck tops give the best support especially when the straps are thicker. A broad back strap will give you additional support. String straps will cut into your shoulders

Minimize Large Hips

·         A medium high leg cut is most flattering rather than a too high cut

·         Wear a brightly coloured or patterned top  to draw attention away from the hips

·         Boy shorts in theory should work, as they do cover more. However because they are cut straight across they make hips and bum look bigger

·         Vertical stripes or a chevron pattern will slim

·         Cover hips with a sarong, pareo or hot pants in a darker colour

Minimize a Wide Waist

·         Choose a  one piece style with cut out waist or belted detail to create the illusion of a waist

·         Vertical stripes will make you appear like a block. Choose a chevron pattern or a pattern at an angle

·         Geometric patterns are better than curved ones

Minimize a Short Upper Body

·         A one piece elongates the body

·         Go for a lower cut leg to lengthen your frame

Enhance a Small Bust

·         A lighter or patterned top with a little extra padding will help make you look a little fuller

·         Halter tops will pull in what cleavage you have giving you more shape

For the Men

Unless you have a body like Ryk Neethling’s please abandon the Speedo. No male over the age of 10 should be allowed to wear one; they leave too little to the imagination! Board shorts, baggies even the straight cut trunks are preferable.

Swimwear Trends

·         Lots of little bikinis in all colours and patterns from animal prints, to tie dye, to stripes are in

·         Costumes are like the clothes embellished with sequins, beads, bone and tassels

·         Colours range from metallic to bright acid colours

·         Don’t despair if you do not have the perfect body the shops are filled with beautiful cover ups. Use soft kaftan tops, scarves and sarongs to enhance your costume and help cover up some of your more wobbly bits

·         Don’t forget the self tanner. Brown flab looks a whole bunch more appetising than the white variety


In next month´s E–letter we look at:

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