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When is Casual too Casual?

Casual Clothing Cues

Casual Caution
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Casual Fridays: Genius or Stupid? Carlos A. Martinez

Is your professional attire hurting your career? -

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"Casual Confusion"

There is a custom, practiced in offices around the world, which you either hate, love, or simply do not understand- “Casual Fridays” or as I see it “Casual Confusion.” Many of us, can’t wait for Fridays (not only because the weekend is looming) but also because you can take off that dreaded tie or slip out of those uncomfortable heels.
It was first initiated by American IT companies in the 90’s. This once a week attire became so popular - it soon spread across all countries and industries. I have seen many companies ban Casual Fridays because the staff have taken it too far and made casual too casual.

Is your Casual Friday attire hurting your career? Before this happens read on…

“What do nudists wear on
Casual Fridays?” ANON

Secretary's Day-7th Sept

To all the hardworking Secretaries & PA’s – Happy Secretary's Day for tomorrow!

I found a fabulous Secretary's Poem that I’m sure you will relate to.
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When is Casual too Casual?

Does casual Fridays mean party on the bottom & business on top?
Not quite…

Every company varies in their Casual Dress Code policy- the main point to remember when getting dressed for Casual Friday- is that you are an ambassador for your company and what it represents.
The dress code for Casual Friday is actually called Casual Smart. “So…” you may be asking “what do I wear?” When you look at yourself in the mirror your outfit should say 70% casual, 30% smart. Here are some examples…


Casual Clothing Cues
Colours are brighter; prints are bigger -bolder; styles of clothes less structured. More detail on garments such as stitching, pockets and pleats. Bolder costume jewellery and lower heeled shoes can be worn. For more cues - see visuals below.

•Capri Pants, paired with a collared blouse; crisp cotton t-shirts or cardi-cami combination with jeans.

•Golf shirt worn with denims; Soft – collared shirt paired with khaki’s.


•Always keep a smart-looking jacket with you in case you need to dress up your outfit at a moments notice.
•Should jeans be allowed-choose a dark indigo or black jean in a classic cut.

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Casual Caution

These are general cautionary guidelines to ensure you don’t tarnish your personal and company brand   .

•Cling-wrap type clothing – dressing one or two sizes too small
•Over-detailed and decorated tops – large bows, ruffles, slogans
•Revealing clothing items (short skirts, plunging necklines)
•Sheer, see-through fabrics
•Shoe string, strappy tops or dresses
•Vests, cropped, tank tops
•Leggings or shorts
•Low rise pants/skirts
•Gym wear: tracksuits, sweat pants
•Revealing/wrong colour  underwear
•Too many colours/prints worn in one outfit
•Accessories that are too large, too noisy, too plastic
•Slip-on sandals– people must not hear you before they see you

•Over the top floral, dramatic shirts
•T-shirts with offensive slogans
•Shirts buttoned too low
•Too long, too oversized untucked shirts
•Beer boep hanging out from shirt
•Badly mixed colour combinations
•Skinny or tight trousers
•Bermudas or shorts
•Oversized belt buckles
•Colourful , mismatched or white socks

•Faded,very skinny, overstressed jeans
•No creases, stains, chipped buttons or loose threads
•Sloppy, oversized baggy clothes
•Gym shoes

If your staff/colleagues feel that:
•They don’t have enough time or money to dress nicely.
•Their appearance is unimportant.
•The corporate dress rules don’t apply to them.

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All the best...  

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