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Miss South Africa–this Sunday.


Tune into SABC 3 Sunday 13th Dec from 19h30–21h00 and watch the live crowning of the new Miss South Africa.

Every year I am amazed by the beauty and caliber of women that walk our land. This year is no exception. I recently trained the Miss South Africa semi-finalists on “Making a Remarkable Impression” by using your image, etiquette and soul.

"Thank you for such an amazing experience & for confirming to me that I serve a God,
who answers every prayer.
Thank you for choosing to inspire us. You have really made an eternally lasting impression in my life."
Melody Zulu-Miss SA Finalist

The 12 finalists were chosen after a week of judging and I am glad I don't need to make the final decision on Sunday-these ladies are all awesome.
Good luck to all of you!

6 Low-Fat Dressing Image Tips

Wear clothes with shape.
Whatever size you are - body hugging (not tight) clothes look better than boxy, shapeless garments.
If you hide yourself amongst oodles of fabric – your weight and size will instantly increase.

Place verticals on "liabilities".
The illusion of a leaner body is created by wearing garments with as many vertical design lines as possible eg pants with centre front crease, a pinstripe pattern, pleats, piping, a deep V-neck, a long necklace. Try placing these on figure challenges.

Highlight "assets".
Use belts to highlight a narrow waist. Use colour and print to emphasize slim upper body (diverting the eye from other areas) or wear shorter hemlines to show off gorgeous legs.

Avoid flimsy or clingy fabrics.
Thin fabrics show up every bulge. Clingy fabrics show every bump and lump. Wear fabrics that drape and don't cling e.g silk rather than lycra.

Invest in shapewear.
Suck-you-in foundation garments can take off 3 kg's.

Hide mid-torso rolls. Wear a loose camisole it will act as a layer to camouflage the rolls.



Winner of Mangwanani Moonlight Night Spa


It was clear from your overwhelming response to our competition-that many of you are in serious need of pampering and care. Unfortunately there could only be one winner. It was...(drum roll) :

Meryln Durman-Client Portfolio Analyst FNB Commercial MID-CORP Gauteng East. This is what she had to say :

"Recently life has been sooo hectic with studying, working and pressures at home; I really needed to be pampered. 
More importantly this month is my birthday and I have been saving towards a spa treatment. So winning this prize could not of have come at a better time. I will be taking my boyfriend with. Thank you Professional Impressions” 

Getting Cultural
The Fortune 500 International Woman Leaders Mentoring Partnership (sponsored by the US Embassy-Public Affairs) provide emergent businesswomen leaders the opportunity to develop their skills further. In this way building networks of informed young women, well positioned in our society. In November I was privileged to conduct a workshop for the
Fortune 500 Alumni Project.

“Thank you so much for your informative and inspiring presentation. The information you provided was extremely valuable. I have been receiving feedback from the delegates to thank
you for your input.”  

Deidre I. Mokuena, Cultural Program Developer, Embassy of the United States of America 


Go Ahead-Fire Yourself!

Are you on the brink of burnout? If you are feeling anything like me right now, I would love to buy a one way ticket to a deserted island. This year has been challenging for most of us but I sense boundless opportunities just around the corner. However, before these appear in your life, you need to fire yourself (figuratively) and come back to work in 2010 as the newly appointed-CBE (Chief Breakthrough Executive). 

I wish you a peaceful, joyful festive season and may you and your family be abundantly blessed in 2010! 

PS. Never let your unwilling child pose for the Xmas family pic...

In this E-Letter :
Dreading going back to work?
How to be the next Chief Breakthrough Executive
Miss South Africa crowning-13th Dec
6 Low-Fat Dressing Image Tips
Winner of Mangwanani Moonlight Night Spa
The USA Embassy-Fortune 500 Alumni Project. 
"What would you do if the stars only came out once every thousand years? No one would sleep that night, of course. The world would become religious overnight. We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God. Instead the stars come out every night,
and we watch television." 

Dreading going back to work next year?

Bored with the usual beginning of the year conference/meeting?

Want an entertaining yet educational way to uplift yourself, your team, colleagues to new heights?

Invest in making 2010 your most successful year yet.

Choose from our menu of exciting presentations:

“Be the next Chief Breakthrough Executive”
Reignite your mindset, position & prepare yourself for boundless opportunities. If you have a burning need to change your life-
this is the best time to do it. 

“First Impressions for Lasting Opinions”
Are you packaged for success?

“Power Etiquette”
What you don’t know can destroy your career.

“A Work in Progress”
Going from being Ordinary to Extraordinary.

“The Superwoman Syndrome”
Don’t know if you are coming or going? Trying to be everything to everyone?

For more information click here
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How to be the next
Chief Breakthrough Executive

I see it often, after a divorce or break up many people launch themselves into new career paths, a leaner body, a new hairstyle or wardrobe. How does this apply to the current world situation? I believe after a break up, comes a breakdown, ultimately followed by a breakthrough. The break up was the collapse of the financial markets, which led to the breakdown-the recession.
The breakthrough is near – a time of boundless opportunities.  So, now is the time to take action! Fire yourself (figuratively) and go back to work in 2010 as the newly appointed- CBE
(Chief Breakthrough Executive). 

“Behind the signals and signs of an apparently ebb in the recession, we need to take cognizance of the fact that a re-emerging economy is NOT going to
lift all businesses equally.”
Warwick Smith-Chandler CEO of Bizassist. 

We are living in an age where many critical factors are aligning in a way that will “force” us to make changes. So instead of being taken by surprise–be ready for them. Jumpstart to your breakthrough with the following tips :

Re-locate from your previous mindset.
Stop focusing about what could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve been. It’s done. Leave all the 2009 regrets, stressors behind-these stop the energy flow for the coming year. Re-write the script for your new reality show, direct it and collect your Emmy Award.

Re-dream – your dream is a sneak preview of a coming attraction. What are your dreams/wishes for 2010? What is the plot and setting for your new show? Your dream is a clue of the future that is waiting to emerge. If you do not have a dream–how can you have a dream come true? You need to name it
before you can claim it. 

Turn your great idea into reality-for the 6 step plan click here

Leslie Morgan Steiner (author, columnist and businesswoman) mentioned that even though we have to face so many obstacles in creating the life we dream of, “I wouldn’t trade living in this moment in history for anything.” I wholeheartedly agree with her.

For more information on the "Be the next CBE Workshop"
 click here
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Professional Impressions would like to credit:
Ann Reinten-The Australian Image Company
Liz Pabon 
Polly Brewster-Your great idea-whose time has come
Adam Glassman-7 rules for low-fat dressing-2009/07/06
Dress 10 pounds slimmer photo-Etheliya Hananova-2009/07/06


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