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Create Football Fever at work

Giant footballs and national flags line the streets as South Africa counts down to the 2010 World Cup.

"Let’s embrace the World Cup, buy tickets, be good hosts to our visitors and proudly fly our flag and support Bafana-Bafana."

World Cup Organizing Committee CEO Danny Jordaan

Click here and get the vibe and spirit going in your company to support the World Cup.  From posters, to emails, to the diski dance steps, you'll find all the resources you need to make Football Fridays interesting, exciting and educational.

Here are other ideas to build excitement:
• Invite local soccer enthusiasts to give vuvuzela lessons to your staff.
• Host face painting lessons to inspire employees to create their own unique designs.
• Bring in a makaraba expert to show your staff how to make their own.

Government has spent billions of Rands on the tournament in order to give a boost to the country's image, luring foreign tourists and investment. Do you remember what the Rugby World Cup in 1995 did for the global image of SA?  2.5 billion people watched on TV.  Guess what? In over 1 month more than 39 billion people will be watching us host the Soccer World Cup!
Let's use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design a new course for South Africa and our future journey together.


Are some of your staff
Casually Confused?


• Are Football Fridays, Casual Fridays, or Business Casual misunderstood by your staff?
• Are employees mistaking casual for careless?
• Are you unhappy with the overall image & grooming of your staff?

We can assist your
company in:
• Evaluating your company’s current dress situation vs. the ideal one.
• Determining the appropriate level of dress suited to your industry or environment.

• Defining the minimum dress standards.
• Compiling and writing an illustrated policy with clear guidelines.
• Conducting educational and entertaining image workshops for the staff.
• Defining what is professional, appropriate and comfortable is our area of specialty and expertise.

For more information contact
Professional Impressions
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"Be Champions for
South Africa!"
written by Byron Johns


"Or foreign friends from all over the world are coming soon, not only to encounter our celebrities and politicians, our flag, or our Table Mountain...but they are coming to meet us!
Be positive. Be "Champions" for our country. “Show dem!” that we are amazing people…not because
we want to be,
but because we are.
I will hopefully show you through my song and music video what an awesome country this place is because of its people.
My hope is that when the visitors come here, they will encounter a taste of the hospitality and friendship that
makes this country so awesome."

Click here to hear song


What to wear on Football Fridays...

Football Fridays were created to show your enthusiasm for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, to display support for Bafana Bafana and to instill a sense of unity and pride in South Africa. It was not designed to frighten clients, amuse colleagues
or to shock your boss.

In the past few weeks, I have been inundated with calls from frustrated managers, staff, and supervisors asking the same question: “What is the appropriate way to be dressed
for Football Fridays?” Read on for the Do's & Dont's.

Here I am-getting into the Soccer Spirit with Nicole Flint (Miss South Africa) and Zakumi our green dreadlock, spotted leopard and official mascot.

"We must strive for excellence in our hosting of the World Cup, while at the same time, ensuring that we are going to leave a lasting benefit to all our people"
Nelson Mandela.

In this e-letter:

• Football Friday Wear-Winning Goals and Red Cards
• How to create Football Fever at work
• "Be Champions for South Africa!"
• Does your company need clear dress code guidelines?

Football Friday Wear

Whatever day of the week –you always need to leave a lasting impression of excellence with everyone that you meet-the quickest and most tangible way to do this is with the image you project and the clothing you wear.

Management across many companies in South Africa have expressed their concern over Football Fridays. They are worried that the image the employees are projecting on a Friday is the complete opposite of what their company image and brand stands for.

There are 10 Fridays left before the 2010 World Cup is officially over. So you have a chance to make 10 awesome
or 10 awful Friday impressions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting employees excited about the biggest sporting show on earth but an inappropriate Friday outfit may have you scoring 1 for creativity & 0 for credibility.

I can hear you say "I don’t see clients on a Friday!" The question is how many clients see you? You might pop into the canteen to grab a bite, you might get into the lift to go to the 6th floor to collect a document….and in those brief moments 15 current or prospective clients have oogled your creative attire. Follow these proven guidelines and you will be sure not to let the "team" down.

The RED CARD-the No-No’s

• No caps, scarves inside the office area
• Exposed cleavage and midriffs
• Ill fitting garments (too loose or too clingy)
• Skin tight pants
• Scruffy, washed-out denims
• Cargo pants with lots of detail-pockets, buckles
• Gym wear
• Tracksuits
• Nylon windbreakers
• Bomber – type leather jackets
• Oversized, floppy winter jerseys (the couch potato type)
• Football shirts that are too long (looks like you have a dress on)
• Beer boep hanging out from shirt
• Creased clothing
• Pants under waist–plumber’s crack
• Caterpillar type shoes
• Dirty sneakers
• Perspiration marks
• Greasy hair and dirty nails
• Afternoon shadow (men)
• Too much/too little make-up
• Out of control ear, nose, eyebrow hair


• Preferably a Bafana-Bafana shirt (doesn't need to be the official team shirt)
• Keep colours to a minimum (the brighter & the more colours you mix the more casual you will look)
• If your shirt is bright and colourful team up with dark, neutral pants
• Keep prints, names, slogans on shirts to a minimum (the more detail on a garment the more informal the look)
• A collared type golf shirt always looks smarter than a t-shirt
• A fitted shirt, tucked in to the pants is smarter than a shirt hanging out
• A dark indigo or black denim in a straight or bootleg cut
• Dark chino’s (navy, black, chocolate brown)
• A dark neutral classic cut leather jacket
• Classic style boot
• Dark neutral leather type sneaker

For the first time in history, the biggest soccer tournament on the planet will be hosted in Africa. Over a month’s time, we are all on show. Use this once-in-a-life time opportunity to "WOW!" each person that you meet.

Make a powerful and lasting first impression with your laughter, your personality and your unique style. This is a unique chance to welcome the world and show how proud
we are to be South African.

Professional Impressions would like to credit: gearing up for 2010-9 Apr 2010
Nick Alexander-supportive husband
Petra McCardle-awesome friend
Thembinkosi Cele-excellent Ernst & Young employee

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