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"Lets Chat with Mel"

If you missed the show this Wed, tune into Let’s Chat with Mel on Sunday 7th Feb @ 10h00 & 16h00 on Mnet Series Channel (110). I will be chatting to Melanie Bala on how to re-ignite and re-position your personal brand for your 2010 breakthrough. I will also share some powerful tips on how to create a remarkable impression with your visual and online digital brand.

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What a viewer had to say....

"I just watched the Lets chat with Mel talk show and felt so inspired after your segment. I now realise, that I need to put my business affairs in order, thanks to you. I'm sure there are many woman who watched who feel the same way and have been inspired by your wisdom.
Thank you." 

Teresina Petersen

Remember to diarise Sunday 7th Feb @ 8pm on Mnet Series Channel (110) in order to prepare yourself for your coming breakthrough and abundant possibilities.



A Thought of Love

Click here to fill your heart with love with these thoughts for every day of February


Professional Impressions would like to credit:
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Gail Evans
Business Etiquette – Frances Beasley
Nice girls don’t get the corner office –
Lois Frankl
5 Steps to professional presence –
Susan Bixler and Lisa Scherrer Dugan


A "Gift of Love" with a difference...

Yes, it’s that time again….when all the shops go heart and teddy bear crazy. When I was single I couldn't wait till the 14th was over-as everywhere I went I was reminded of how SINGLE I was.

For the singles out there put on some red heels (men you can do this too), turn up Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and plan a Singles-Style party.

Besides having a great time, you’ll
feel more confident and ready to dress the town red!

Romance & flirting at the office happens all the time. Is it really such a bad thing? ask Monica Lewinsky or Tiger Woods. Discover when is socialising with your boss too much...

In this E-Letter:
A Gift of Love
Romance & Flirting in the Office
“Is it acceptable to socialise with my boss?”
A Thought of Love for every day in Feb
Win a Style Consultation

A "Gift of Love"...

Roses are red, violets are blue, what do your clothes say about you? Half the fun of going out, is planning what you’re going to wear or not... You want to look your best but do you know what styles and colours are the most flattering on you-does your loved one know what suits them best?

Spend some fun, quality time with that “special someone”- it can be your best friend, brother, mom or husband. Treat them to a gift they will never forget.

This consultation will:
• Increase your self-confidence
and self-esteem
• Improve your prospects for career advancement
• Teach you to shop in half the time
• Assist you to create a wardrobe that excites and inspires you
• Show you what styles & colours make you look FABULOUS

If you have no idea what to get your loved one this month,
click on our "Gift of Love Promotion"or

Romance & Flirting in the Office

With today’s emphasis on being a team player, long hours spent at the office, the frantic pace we work at and the limited time we have for social lives, it is only natural that finding a mate in the workplace might look like a viable proposition.

 “The reality is that office romances are as common as laptops” 
Susan Bixler

The most acceptable office romances, are between singles and only if handled discreetly. An office affair when either party is married will always raise strong feelings in others. Our culture respects loyalty and devotion.

Once public, the fallout will always be damaging to all parties, with reputations and professional stature tarnished forever.
The office romance is fraught with dangers. Try and seek elsewhere for the love of your life. If you want to pursue romance at the office, follow these tips (only if you're single):

•Don't get involved with someone with similar work responsibilities
•Don't get involved with someone you share the same work space with  
•Don’t be naïve, thinking you can keep it secret for long.
•Be discreet, no goo–goo eyes over the board room table, no soppy e–mails, no long, lingering lunches at the cafeteria.
• If working in an open plan office be more aware of your actions, conversations.
• The relationship may cause strong feelings with co– workers. Be prepared to deal with jealousy, gossip and backstabbing.
• If it ends avoid scenes and don't indulge in ex –bashing.

“I was horrified when one of my co–workers told me I was a flirt. What is acceptable in an office situation?” Thuli

• Sexy glances, ear whispering conversations have no place at work.
• Watch your body language – gazing dreamily into your co–workers eyes, seductively playing with your hair, even smiling for too long may send out the wrong messages.
• Be careful (women) of casually tossing your hair, dangling a crossed leg, or touching a man’s elbow–these are flirting signs.
• Men be aware of standing like John Wayne (thumbs hooked onto belt, fingers pointing towards your zipper) legs spread apart.
• Flirting men also use the peacock stance to make them appear bigger–hands on hips or hand on the wall–angled toward you.

“Is it acceptable to socialise with my boss?”
• The time, venue, other guests are critical in your decision to accept–is it only you and him, Saturday dinner at a romantic private venue? Or is it a lunch with other colleagues during the week at the usual company chosen restaurant. Use your intuition.
• If you feel uncomfortable–ask if you may bring a partner or decline graciously.
• Should you feel all is above board, accept – keep things on professional business level don’t feel you have to reveal too many personal details.
• Friendships between people of different ranks can lead to nasty gossip and talk of favouritism so endeavour to limit your socializing with your superiors.

We discuss these and other thorny issues in our Power Etiquette programme. This workshop will also equip you to become a 'mover and shaker' in a way that is dynamic and relevant to today's working world. For more information regarding our Power Etiquette presentation, contact me on

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