The end of the year office parties are upon us. Some of us love them, others see them as a complete waste of time. Here are some great tips & tricks on what to wear, say and do at functions and parties.

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“Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home and never; never be both” 
David Brown



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What do I wear to the party?

For those panic-stricken occasions when you read an invitation & think
“What should I wear?
Read on for the suggested attire for each type of occasion...

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Office party etiquette tips

Don’t be remembered as the “Jaeger Bomb Dude” or “Short Skirt Sally” after the party. Always keep in mind that you’re partying with your colleagues, not your weekend mates.
These tips will ensure that you enhance your brand  professionally whilst still having a good time....

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Master the Art of Small Talk

Improving your conversation skills will assist you in climbing the ladder of success. Stop stressing and start impressing with these tips on how to make your small talk at any event a successful and pleasant experience...

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