Winter Wardrobe Winners

Can you believe it's time to bring out our Winter woollies again?
A new season is the best time to update your look. However keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not is no easy task.

My top tip for this Winter is buy less TRENDY items, buy more STATEMENT pieces. Invest in clothes that are wearable time and again.  To find out what key pieces you should opt for and which trends are actually worth investing in read on.
Men we haven't forgotten about you either.

"Fashion is what you buy.

             Style is what you do with it."
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Top Fashion Trends Winter 2013

Print Perfect: Oriental prints-dragons, flowers, birds. Leopard Print – a classic-use as an accent-a shirt, scarf, bag or shoe not a whole suit. Geometrics - zig zags, multi angle shapes - pair with neutral tones. Florals – strange for Winter but they are here – against dark backgrounds. Warning - patterned trousers will make you look bottom heavy if you are extra curvy. These are also best suited for a more casual working environment.

Vibrant Colours will cheer up any dreary winter's day - renew a classic suit by wearing a top in one of the season’s top shades like Tangerine Tango, Rhapsody, Olympian Blue, Honey Gold, Ultramarine Green. Click here for the top 10 colours to choose from this Winter.

Romantic Glamour - Lace, chiffon layers with Victorian style chokers. Ensure that you wear a skin coloured camisole underneath.

The Peplum has come back for Winter. Always wear over something more fitted and tailored e.g. slim trousers or a pencil skirt.  If you are extra curvy do not choose a very full or frilly peplum-make sure it does not end at your widest point.

Baroque Opulence - make a statement by mixing brocade, textured fabrics, ornate gold detailing. An embellished blazer or clutch is all you need to add a touch of this trend to your wardrobe. For work do not wear more than 2 Baroque-style pieces – you will look over the top.

Military Mania - strong shoulder emphasis, double breasted coats and jackets reflect this trend. Combine burgandy, navy and mustard to give this look a fresh appeal.

Winter Wardrobe Winners

Top Fashion Trends Winter 2013

Latest Winter Trends For Men

Winter Wardrobe Warnings
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The Trench coat - a must have, avoid boxy or oversized styles, select a single breasted, slim lapel style that cinches your waist and you can belt it. Buy a camel colour – a timeless piece.

Leather Ladies - re-think the way to wear leather-add femininity to this look. A panelled leather pencil skirt, paired with floaty chiffon shirt or a cashmere knit (combine textures). For work - select pieces with leather trims as opposed to the entire garment being leather.

Boots - in all heel types and lengths. Ankle boots are in the forefront. Wear them with caution - it must sit on the ankle, not above it as this will make your leg look shorter and wider. For work pair them under trousers. Even though wearing them with a dress or skirt is trendy - I advise to keep this look for after work.

Monochromatic - go black and white. A houndstooth jacket or coat is a wardrobe essential. Polka dot prints are chic and add style to a working wardrobe. Opt for a medium to small size. Two tone black and white heels look amazing with a black shift dress.

Studded - they add a touch of boldness to your look. For work keep it minimal e.g. subtle studs on a shirt collar or a studded accessory like a bag.

Latest Winter Trends For Men

Eldredge tie knot - it is a unique looking knot that resembles a braid. If you plan on wearing this knot keep your outfit simple with muted solid tones letting the knot be the focal point. It tends to look messy with striped ties.

Click here to see the step by step on how to tie this knot.

A return to the classics with double-breasted and pinstriped suits and coats.

Print and texture combination is a must e.g. houndstooth jacket with college tie.

Extreme layering - combining sweaters, coats, blazers and jackets to create a bulky masculine look. Play with different textures, lengths and fabrics.

Must have items for every fashion forward guy this winter:

•A winter coat or trench that can be added to any outfits to finish off that stylish image.
•A Polka dot tie - choose a black and white one for a classic statement piece.

For this season's Hottest colours click here.

Brightly coloured socks in stripes and solids are on trend this Winter.

Winter Wardrobe Warnings

There is a level of professional look one has to maintain even in Winter-so stay away from these:

  • Boldly patterned trousers - they are fun for after hours, unless you work in a very casual creative type environment. If you are an hourglass or pear  these pants can make you look bottom heavy.
  • Wellington boots, very very high heels, ugg boots.
  • Leather leggings & leather bomber jackets.
  • Head-to-toe Baroque.
  • Puffer Jackets - the ones where you look like the Oros man or about to climb Kilamanjaro.

For more winter survival’s do’s and don’ts click here

Hoping your Winter Shopping will be a breeze from here on !


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