Speaking in Colour

Do you know what an important role colour plays in your daily life?

The colours you choose to surround yourself with & wear have a powerful effect on how you feel and how others respond to you. Certain colours can raise your blood pressure, get you a raise, win an argument & even suppress your appetite!

What are you currently saying to others with the colours you are wearing?

Read on to discover the art of speaking in colour...

“The chief function of colour should be to serve expression.”
Henri Matisse


Be Packaged For Success!

The way you present yourself has an impact on the outcome of a situation. Your mannerisms, etiquette, image & the colours you wear are key players in the “first impressions” theory.

People want to do business with people that look and act successful, people that look respectful & trustworthy. The colours you wear will contribute to this-doesn't Basetsana glow in her colour combination choice?

So… close that deal or get that well deserved promotion by packaging yourself for success!
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Why is wearing the correct colours important?


Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel. Scientists have found that colours can influence our moods, temperature levels and hormones.

Politicians & celebrities understand the power of the colour of clothing they wear to impact on their audience. Let's see what messages you could be telegraphing those around you with the colours that you wear…


Speaking in Colour

Be Packaged for Success!

Why is wearing the correct colours important?

The Neutrals

The Meaning of Colours...

Making Colour Work for You

Setting a Mood with Colour

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The Neutrals


60-70% of your wardrobe should consist of neutrals. They look more expensive, never outdate and are versatile. The darker the colour, the more professional & authoritative you will look in a working environment.

BLACK  is considered timeless, elegant & formal in the fashion world (think Karl Lagerfeld). It signifies power, authority, responsibility and demands respect – all qualities that might be needed for that well deserved promotion. Warning: I advise most of my clients to keep it away from the face as it can make you look unapproachable, overpowering, pale and will enhance wrinkles.

GREY gives the wearer a distinguished look. It’s associated with composure, reliability, efficiency, intellect & wisdom. If you are always buying black as a neutral, replace it with the “new black”…charcoal.
Warning: don’t wear it from head to toe as it can make you appear remote, solemn, lacking in innovative thinking & gloomy.

BROWN signifies a trusting, reliable, genuine, warm, conventional, orderly stable & in touch individual. Some shades of brown create a warm, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness and dependability. Wear brown when you want a solid wholesome feeling, a connection with natural earth and the stability this brings but be aware, the negative side to wearing brown is that you may appear repressed or lazy.

NAVY OR BLUE SHADES symbolize loyalty, professionalism, trustworthiness & authority. People often place a sense of trust in those who wear blue. It is the perfect colour for job interviews. Many military and airline staff have blue uniforms-representing responsibility. Also indicates peacefulness, tranquility-it is a conservative colour & will calm & settle a stressful room or a stressful you. Warning: don’t wear navy from head to toe as it can make you appear too authoritative.

The Meaning of Colours...

RED is an emotionally intense color that is impossible to ignore (not for the introverts). It stimulates your heartbeat & increases breathing. It indicates passion, assertiveness, power & success. Warning: ladies-depending on the garment and fabric it can make you appear flirtatious. Be careful when wearing red head-to-toe it could cause aggression in others. If you are on a diet…red stimulates the appetite!

YELLOW is an optimistic, high energy & cheerful colour. It's also associated with innovation, intelligence & inspiration. Wearing yellow imparts a sense of optimism and hope. It is a good colour to wear when feeling tired as it may energise you. Wear it if you need to concentrate(attending a course or workshop). Go yellow when you need to study or be creative as it’s a stimulating colour. Warning: wear in small quantities as it can be a difficult colour on the eye and overpower the wearer.

GREEN is a calming & refreshing colour so wear it when you’re tense and need to relax. It can denote you as a kind, helpful and caring person. It also represents wealth & stability.

PINK is associated with gentleness, nurturing, happiness & femininity. It’s a “friendly” colour which discourages aggression. Pink helps relax the muscles - also helps release mental tension. Warning: ladies-when working in a male dominated environment wear in small quantities in order not to be seen as too “girlie”-anchor it down with a strong neutral e.g. black or charcoal. Men-it's perfectly acceptable to wear light pink shirts or ties with a pink stripe/print as long as its paired with a dark suit or pants.

PURPLE expresses wisdom, respect & nobility (denotes royalty through the ages). It also represents luxury, wealth & sophistication. It is a stimulating colour and can boost energy levels and decision-making.

Making Colour Work for You...

Universal Colours are colours that suit everyone – no matter your skin tone. They will be seen in the stores year after year because they sell so well and are a great choice for adding a pop of colour to those neutrals. These colours are Emerald, Turquoise, Chocolate, Apple Green and Watermelon.

Contrast-colour difference

Contrast is the difference in intensity between colours. When your audience's brain picks up colour contrast - it wakes up! This results in you being remembered, listened to and noticed...or not.

High Contrast-these are colour combinations that make you go “Wow!” Combine black with bright yellow, red or bright purple. Usually worn by extroverts, presenters on stage, actors, people that want to be noticed.

Medium Contrast-light to medium or dark to medium combinations e.g. black and turquoise, charcoal and white. The combination is pleasing to look at, is professional and is suited to almost everyone.

Low Contrast-is a colour combination with little or no difference between colour e.g. navy and deep burgandy, dark green and deep royal purple. The wearer becomes almost invisible, looks boring.

Setting a Mood with colour

Depending on the impression you wish to create here are some colour combinations:

Youthful, Fun & Lively – light to medium colours with a darker colour for contrast.
light yellow with chocolate brown.

Authoritative & Powerful – dark colours combined with a high contrast colour e.g. red and black.

Sophisticated & Elegant – wear rich velvety colours and a small hint of a light colour
e.g. burgandy and white or gold.

In the words of Cindy Lauper:
"Don't be afraid to let them show your True Colors shining through"

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