What is
Personal Presence?

Have you been in a meeting where a person just stood out above the rest?
Or they walk into a room and everyone notices them? When they talk people listen. This is Personal Presence in action.

 If you wish to get a promotion, a soulmate, a job, a sale, lead a meeting or manage a company- it's essential that you begin to develop Personal Presence.

It’s not just about what you wear or your manners in the workplace. It’s about having a professional magnetism that influences others. 

International speaker, author and friend Simon T Bailey says: “Executive presence is a daily choice. It doesn't matter if you lead a team, are an individual contributor, are self-employed, or are in transition. Just remember to think about how you are showing up every day. The intangibles will create the foundation that establishes the brilliant difference you make.”

Read on to discover the essentials  of executive presence.

  Personal Presence

"You don't have to be born with executive presence. In fact, almost no one is. It must be developed and cultivated - with feedback, practice, and the help of executive coaching."
Paul Aldo (Ph.D. CEO of Executive Presence Inc.)

Is developing Personal Presence on your company’s list of training programmes? If not - let us assist you and your colleagues to command a professional presence in today's fast moving world. We look forward to unlocking your unlimited potential!

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9 Essentials of Executive Presence

These qualities are not focused so much on the content of the message but rather on how you “package” yourself and how you communicate your message. Based on extensive research, Paul Aldo (CEO of Executive Presence Inc.) has identified 9 traits that characterize the very best executive presence. These are divided into personal, communication and relationship qualities.

Passion -
the emotional energy you project for what you do and the desire to do it. It expresses a motivation and drive that convinces others that you are committed to what you are saying and doing.
Poise - a look of sophistication and composure that creates the impression you are comfortable in your own skin and in your surroundings.
Self-­Confidence -  an air of optimism and assurance that convinces other you have the required strength, resources, and determination to initiate or take on the task at hand.

Communication-About your message:
Openness - showing a genuine interest in hearing and objectively considering what others have to say. Being open encourages information sharing. As more relevant information is shared among the team the better informed and more thoughtfully made decisions are made.
Clarity - the ability to create your message and tell it in a clear and compelling way. What is the objective of your message? Write it down in a single sentence or two. e.g. increasing your budget for next year or needing extra assistance on a project. Organize the details that follow around the objective.
Candor - being frank and sincere in your communication. Being impartial and non-biased towards others.

Relational-About your relationships:
- showing consideration when dealing with others. This conveys an interest in them and the relationship.
Sincerity - the genuine conviction of believing in and meaning what you say.
Warmth - the appearance of being accessible to others, physically and emotionally.  

In the busyness of our lives - many of us ignore these essentials, even though we are being scrutinised over them. ?This disconnect is why many people are perceived as not having professional presence, or executive potential.

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"Your presence communicates your selfworth and confidence as well as the level of respect you have for others and the occasion. Disrespect in the name of “just being who I am” gets you nowhere in the world of employers, peers, and clients."

Harrison Monarth



What is Personal Presence?

Command Personal Presence

9 Essentials of Personal Presence

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9 ways on how to obtain
Personal Presence

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