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Happy Holidays

20 Tips for the Office Party
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You're Invited... to Party!

I know for sure the year has come to an end when I start getting invited to all  the Xmas office parties.

Some of us love them-others see them as a complete waste of time and money.  However you feel-we still need to know what to wear and how to behave appropriately at office parties.
Read on for 20 valuable tips on how not to be remembered as the “Tequila Slammer Dude” or the “Short Skirt Sally Chick” around the office.

“Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home and never; never be both” 
David Brown


Happy Holidays to you!

As 2011 comes to an end I would like to wish you an abundance of joy for the festive season.

May prosperity overflow, happiness multiply & health be good to you and your family. Follow your purpose & remember "The Best is Yet to Come". Happy Holidays to you!

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At all times remember this is an office party and not a fall down drunk bash with your mates. There is a level of professionalism still expected of you when you attend an office party.

Professionalism is defined as the conduct and qualities that mark a true professional. This extends into what you wear and how you behave. Office parties are not just a reason to party-believe it or not.

It is a chance for employees and managers to network with executives and to meet staff whom you may not have met before. Many times
these occassions have also helped Management decide who the best prospect is for that awaited promotion opening up in the new year.

20 Tips for the Office Party
  1. If you are invited with a partner, don’t bring your party animal friend who will tarnish your reputation with their off-colour jokes and drinking habits.
  2. Don’t go for the sexy look or latest catwalk fashion; rather opt for a classy, professional look that will get you noticed by your CEO or Manager in the right way.
  3. Make sure you adhere to the dress code-don’t come casual smart to a formal function –to get to know more about these click here
  4. Don’t overindulge in aftershave or fragrance –making others nauseous around you.
  5. Be aware of body odour after a couple of hours of hip shaking on the dance floor.
  6. Don’t wear “stripper type heels”. Make sure you can walk with purpose in the heels you choose. Never wear a new pair of shoes to a function-you’ll end up with blisters.
  7. Don’t walk around barefoot because your feet hurt-make sure you pack a pair of comfortable shoes you can change into later in the evening. 
  8. Everything in moderation from conversation to alcohol consumption.
  9. If a buffet is being served don’t pile up your dish as if you are going to leave to live in Ethiopia for   the next few months.

  10. Don't sample the food or lick your fingers while you are waiting in the line.
  11. At no time is taking extra food home in your Tupperware appropriate at these occassions.
  12. If place cards are on the tables, do not shift them around to suit yourself-they have been placed there for a reason.
  13. “Open Bar” does not mean knocking back as many shooters as you possibly can. Polishing off the entire wine bottle at your table is not the done thing just because no one else is drinking.
  14. Don’t pressurise others to drink or have another shooter-NO means NO.
  15. This is NOT the opportunity to get to know the cute blonde in admin“really well.” Avoid flirting   outrageously or being “too touchy” on or off the dance floor.
  16. You may have a secret crush on that guy in Finance or can't stand the CFO-this is not the time to let everyone know.
  17. Don’t criticize someone’s outfit  or complain about the awful food or décor to colleagues.
  18. Keep mints or breath fresheners on you so you can continue conversing after you have eaten   the fish bites or garlic rolls.
  19. When leaving - always thank the person responsible for organising the party and bid farewell to relevant management.
  20. The next day send a thank you note/e-mail to the relevant management for hosting the party.

Once again, all the best for the Holiday season.

May 2011 end off fantastically and 2012 start even better. 

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