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Miss South Africa did us Proud!

On August 23, Miss South Africa-Tatum  Keshwar came 7th in the Miss Universe    2009 competition held in the Bahamas. To reach the top 10 out of 84 contestants was no mean feat. Tatum competed in 3 categories: swimsuit, evening gown and personality interview.
Before a worldwide viewing audience of one billion viewers, a star-studded panel of judges chose Miss Venezuela, 18 year old-Stefania Fernandez, as Miss Universe.

For the National Costume competition, Tatum wore this traditional Zulu costume designed by RjKay Creations. It incorporated the “Isicholo” - a wide red hat made of straw and which symbolises a woman’s crowning glory.
I asked Tatum what she would take away from her Miss Universe experience-she said: “All the girls are so different and yet so alike in that we all want similar things-happiness and health for our families and to make an indellible mark on those we come in contact with.” When I asked Tatum what the other girls daily outfits like over a period of a month-she said “If I could have just shopped in their wardrobes, I would have the most amazing clothing for the next 2 years!”

On the 12th December South Africa will be hosting the Miss World at the Sandton Convention Centre. I am convinced that Tatum will once more do us proud with her charming personality and exotic looks!


Your Spring/Summer Re-vamp Consultation

• Do you want to update your look this season but have a small budget?
• Do you struggle to find items that make you look great?
• Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes
but nothing to wear?
• Are you stuck in a rut?
• Do you want to discover a personal style that suits your lifestyle?

This consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will assist you to: 

• Update your look in an instant
• Find your authentic style
• Own clothes that suit you and fit you
• Eliminate guesswork when shopping
• Increase your self-esteem and
• Have others noticing the positive change in your appearance

When you are finished you will possess a wardrobe that: 

•Is full of clothes you like and wear
•Makes each day's choice of what to    wear easy and interesting
•Contains styles that make you look and
feel great
•Contains clothing styles that can be
easily mixed and matched to create
many different looks
•Contains clothes and accessories that
suit your budget lifestyle

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What not to wear to the office this Summer…

Why is it that the minute temperatures rise we become more casual with our clothes? Maybe the thought that the holidays are nearer makes us more relaxed in appearance. Work doesn’t stop in the Summer months – why should your professional image?
The absolute no-no’s for the workplace are...

•   Excessive 
•   The “out of the
     wash basket”
     look (linen,
     rayon fabrics)

•    Exposed midriffs
•    Tube tops   and strapless dresses
•    Visible underwear
•    Shoe string, strappy tops, dresses
•    Ultra short skirts/shorts
•    Revealing, clingy garments
•    Skin tight, faded denims
•    Flip-flops
•    Sandals worn with
      un–pedicured toes
•    Taking shoes off (even
      if sitting at your own
•    Chipped nailpolish
•    T–shirts with large
•    Long sleeved shirts rolled above the
•    Short sleeve shirt with tie
•    Clashing colours or prints
•    Beer boep hanging out from
•    Pants under waist–plumber’s
•    Socks & ties which are
      funnier than you
•    Unpolished shoes, dirty
•    Visible tattoo’s and piercings
•    Too much after shave
•    Perspiration marks
•    Greasy hair and dirty nails
•    Out of control ear, nose, eyebrow hair

If these Workplace Warts are familiar in your office,
it may be time for your company to establish a clear image guidelines.
We can assist your organization in:

• Evaluating your company’s current dress situation vs the ideal one
• Determining the appropriate level of dress suited to your industry/environment
• Defining the minimum dress standards
• Compiling and writing an illustrated policy with clear guidelines
• Conducting educational and entertaining image workshops for the staff
• Defining what is professional, appropriate and comfortable is our area of specialty and expertise.

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New Season-New YOU
Welcome to Spring and our trend forecast for the season’s hottest looks. Every so often you should re-invent your look however, at all times, remember...

“Fashion...has settled into a wonderful place of freedom—a place where any woman, regardless of age, income, or figure, has the opportunity to express her own personal style.”
Sandra Graham

An unexpected color, dramatic shirt, cropped jacket—can update your look in seconds.

Read ahead and see what captures your fancy this season.

In this Issue:
Ladies-Key Fashion Trends for Spring- Summer 2009
What not to wear to the office this Summer…
Men 2009 Summer trends-the 3 C’s
The Must-See movie-COCO avant Chanel (“Coco Before Chanel”)
Miss South Africa did us Proud!
Your Spring/Summer Re-vamp Consultation

Ladies Key Fashion Trends
for Spring Summer 2009

Even with world in a recession, we still need to wear clothes, so why not choose fashionable garments?  Are you currently a RECESSIONISTA? A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly. Or are you a FASHIONISTA? Someone devoted to unique or high fashion clothing.

The secret  is to keep an eye on value for money and quality. This season's fashion looks are becoming LESS careless, more ordered, more statement making.

FEMININE DRESSING: continues to be in the spot light no matter what look you are trying to create. This season it's represented in soft flowing and unstructured garments. Draping and feminine details like ruffles and floral prints.

TRIBAL THEME: earth tones are coordinated with bold colours and prints. Accessories include wooden beads, large wooden bangles, snakeskin shoes and animal printed scarves.

DRESSES/SKIRTS: the dropped waist, the shift, the shirt dress... this season there’s a dress for everyone. Adding belts to dresses to emphasize the waist is a big trend this season.
A-line 60's shifts, dynamic Grecian drapery, asymmetric off the one shoulder styles.  Maxi dresses. Kimono sleeve dresses that can be worn as tops over trousers. The one-shoulder dress and draped dresses are really the furore for summer.
Trade your winter pencil skirt for the new tier volume tulip skirt shapes to update your look.

COLOUR: adding colour to your wardrobe is the hottest trend in 2009. This season’s palette ranges from vibrant electric brights to soft nudes. Wearing the correct colours will make you feel younger and more vibrant.

To know more about our colour and style consultations click here
Yellow is THE Colour of 2009.  It injects new vigour into fashion-symbolises hope, optimism, and new beginnings. Variations are buttercup, citrus and lemongrass.
Other key colours: orange, mango, tangerine and lime, warm rose, lavender, fuchsia, magenta, rust red, vibrant green, jade aqua and royal blue.   
Neutrals: slate grey, black, classic nautical navy, cream and white. Mix and match bold colours with neutrals to add zest to your existing wardrobe.
Monochrome: black and white has always been a winning classic. This year it combines animal prints based on zebra or giraffe prints with stripes and spots.  
The metallics of this season are softer, with a light sheen and shimmer instead of being bold and glossy.

TROUSERS: this season both the wide legs and cigarrette pants are in. Harem pants and ankle cropped capri pants are back. Be careful of the latter two as they are not appropriate for the workplace.

PRINTS: these range from watercolour prints, geometric circles, to exotic bold flora to delicate floral designs. Florals are seen on everything from dresses to blouses, bags to shoes. Choose your print scale carefully. Petite women need more delicate florals/prints, more voluptuous women look better in the larger, bolder florals/prints. Avoid too much floral it can look too busy and distracting. 

FABRICS: luxurious, touchable textures. Sheer, floaty fabrics. Slinky satins and silks. Billowy chiffon. Here is where you need to use your discretion and ensure you wear the correct undergarments specially within the office environment. Linens abound its a bad choice for work, unless you stand all day.

JACKETS: are form-fitting and belted with emphasis on the waist. Popular lengths are cropped or hip-length. Sublime fabrics and workmanship; piping, inlay, beading, raised lace, pleating, statement making sleeves. Shoulder pads are back in business-great if you are pear shaped-avoid if you are a triangle body shape.

JUMPSUITS: wide or narrow legged jumpsuits in silk, satin or cotton. Best worn after hours.

ROSES/ FLOWERS /BOWS: Flowers in 3D on necklines, waistlines, hair adornment, rings, necklaces. Dress hems with roses. Bows - from small to huge adorn garments and bags.

SHOES: demanding high teetering heels-just make sure that you can walk to the photocopier with purpose.  Mixed colours and textured materials. Gladiator sandals in natural tones or bold colours. Many women like to show their creativity through their shoes. Take care you do not overdo it for work. LESS IS MORE.

WIDE/NARROW BELTS: the waist is emphasized this Summer by making use of belts on jackets, cardigans, shirts. Embellished buckles on gold embossed snake and lizard 'skin' belts.  

JEWELLERY: huge necklaces, big costume jewellery,pearl chokers, tribal type necklaces, stacked cuff bangles and massive cocktail dress rings.  

Men 2009 Summer Trends-the 3 C’s
The most important things to consider when narrowing down ones wardrobe for the summer months are the 3 C’s- Cut, Colour and Comfort.  These are the primary factors that should influence your purchasing decisions.

Suiting: a narrower/slimmer cut- a return to classic suiting. The most classic suit is the English one and these have always had a slim, military cut to them. Suits in 2009 are the perfect fusion between classic tailoring and the modern masculine silhouette, broad shoulders, a slim waist and narrow trousers. Two button suits with single vents are popular. Trousers have no pleats.

Double Breasted Suits: the modern, double-breasted suit is broad shouldered with a slim waist. When selecting a double-breasted suit look for the "Kent" cut, where a longer lapel line extends into the waist. This will convey height and, if cut correctly, a slimmer waist.

Shirts/ties: cut-away shirts and bold stripes are in. For the average or slim build man, tapered or fitted shirts are an absolute must for both casual and formal wear during the summer. The look in ties are –self pleated.

COLOUR: this season you will see naturals like steel, sand, navy and greys combined with seasonal brights. Some suits have a self stripe in purple or lilac. Teal, cerise pink, lilac and aqua shirts are popular. For the less daring the pastels are a popular choice.
Black, charcoal, olive, and deep navy are colours that should be avoided during the summer – they are far too staid and you want to avoid anything drab or conservative during the most liberal of fashion seasons.

COMFORT: choose fabrics comprised of lightweight, thinner cottons. Polyester or polyester/cotton blends should be avoided during the summer months due to their inability to breathe.
By keeping these 3 Cs in mind you will be prepared to make appropriate purchases that will not only be attractive but also comfortable during those long business days.

COCO avant Chanel ("Coco Before Chanel")

A must see movie for the FASHIONISTAS. In the words of Barry Ronge “The movie is not only about a personal life of great complexity, it’s an encounter with one of the great figures of modern style.”
This is the story of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, who begins her life as an orphan, and, through an extraordinary journey, becomes the legendary couturier who embodied the modern woman and became a timeless symbol of success, freedom and style.
Chanel encouraged women to dress for themselves and not for the sake of fashion or men.

The film features authentic dresses and costumes from the Chanel collection. Karl Lagerfeld supervised the creation of the accessories and costumes for the movie.
Coco Chanel is one of the true icons of fashion and she’s been described as the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century. Even though she died in 1971, aged 88, her name, fragrance and style are still at the forefront of the fashion world.
Miss Chanel was known for her quotes, here is one of my favourite one:“Every girl should be two things –classy and fabulous”

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