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Destiny workshops

In the last few months I have had the magnificent experience of speaking to Destiny readers around South Africa. Here are Khanyi and I at the KZN workshop. If you live in East London (or know any woman who does) encourage them to attend the “Be your Own Boss Workshop”on the 28th March.

“Haydee from Professional Impressions was truly inspirational. Her presentation reminded Destiny readers about the power of self-belief as well as the importance of dreaming big in order to make one’s dreams a reality.”

Khanyi Dhlomo
Destiny Founding Editor and Managing Director

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DESTINY combines compelling business content with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. It is targeted at accomplished, stylish and intellectually curious women who are either interested in, or actively engaged in business.

To enhance the magazine’s unique offering DestinyConnect has been launched. This interactive website allows you to connect and network with like-minded women and men in business. Other features include free business and personal profile listings, video footage, blogs and forums. Register, create your profile, and you could win a PINK BlackBerry® Curve™ 8310 Smartphone. So what are you waiting for?

Click on register and create your profile now! Refer your friends and increase your chances to win.

What clients say…

“Your presentation was amazing, women were overwhelmed. You made it interesting and factual. The learning guides were an unexpected bonus, which the members are still referring to.”
Lindiwe Ngcobo
Chairperson SAWEN KZN

“Thank you for making me feel at ease in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Many women feel intimidated by having a complete stranger look at their figure, wardrobe and the style choices that they have lived with for many years. The consultants were extremely professional, friendly, yet open and honest in a non-threatening manner. I am now very conscious of what to avoid as well as where to be a bit more daring.”
Ursula Du Preez
Product Manager AstraZeneca

Package Yourself For
Success Workshop

You have the business expertise and knowledge, so why are you not getting the deals? The way you present yourself has an impact on the outcome of a situation. Your mannerisms, etiquette and image are key players in the “first impressions” theory. People looking for success want to do business with people that look and act successful. Now, close the deal by packaging yourself for success.

Re-energise your staff by booking them on this workshop. Contact us on
Tel: 011 467 5126


Investment Dressing Workshop

  • Do you need to update your wardrobe but have no budget?
  • Do you struggle to find items that make you look great, without spending a fortune?
  • Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
    Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Do you want to discover a personal style that suits your lifestyle?
This consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will assist you to:

  • Have an organized wardrobe
  • Own clothes that suit you and fit you perfectly
  • Eliminate guesswork when shopping
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Have others noticing the positive change in your appearance
When you are finished you will possess a wardrobe that:
  • Is full of clothes you like and wear
  • Makes each day's choice of what to wear easy and interesting
  • Contains styles that make you look and feel great and accurately portray your unique personality blend
  • Contains clothing styles that can be easily mixed and matched to create many different looks
  • Contains clothes and accessories that suit your budget lifestyle
So, book a personal consultation now, so we can assist you to spend your money wisely.
Contact us on Tel: 011 467 5126 Email:
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The Kindle!

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Be Dressed for Success this Winter

Walking through the shops you will be enticed by all the new winter fashions. To save you time and money, I have selected the top women and men trends. Discover the good, bad and ugly of the season in this issue. The latest fashion buzzword is the “return of investment dressing”- read on for strategies to make smart fashion buys that will yield you great returns.

In this issue
10 Investment Dressing Strategies
Top Ladies Winter Trends
Bad Buys for Women
Men’s Winter Must-Haves
Bad Buys for Men
Investment Buys For Men
“Package yourself for Success” Workshop
“Investment Dressing” Workshop
Everyone is talking about…

The Return of Investment Dressing

The buzzword in the fashion world right now is the return to Investment Dressing! Even Michelle Obama has said she shops more frugally now. Known for ingeniously mixing low-end pieces with favorite designers Mrs Obama's wardrobe said to the world: I'm a busy, working mother, I shop online. Like her, choose investment pieces that will give you guaranteed returns. Remember, investing in the right bit of little will go a long way.

“Fashion can be bought, style one must possess”
Edna Woolman Chase

10 Investment Dressing Strategies

  • Don’t indulge in every fad on the dress rails.
  • Choose versatile items that can be worn season after season, dressed up or dressed down.
  • Buy less clothing, but better quality.
  • Ensure clothing fits perfectly.
  • Choose items that make you feel confident, younger and slimmer (if that is your objective).
  • In the words of Valentino “Wear clothes that make you feel alive”.
  • Try on everything in your wardrobe that is winter-wearable. Take those items that don’t fit you and have them altered (if possible). Having a pair of pants tailored is far cheaper than buying a new pair, not to mention you don’t have to spend the time shopping for new ones.
  • At the same time have your winter boots and shoes re-heeled, re-soled and polished. They will look brand new again.
  • Make sure your jerseys, cardigans are closely “shaven” to avoid the “bubble” look.
  • Now, evaluate your wardrobe. Buy a few new pieces that will coordinate with what you already have and will also freshen up your existing wardrobe.
Top Ladies Winter Trends

This winter the look is feminine, confident and chic. Dressing well always requires common sense, so adopt these trends in a way that works for your professional and personal lifestyle.

Power dressing - tailored suits, blazers. High waisted flared pants.

Ladylike, pencil skirts. Opt for on the knee or just below lengths.

Ruffled and Tie Neck blouses - adding femininity to the tailored separates.

The white, collared shirt. This is a timeless piece-update it every season to add flavour to your wardrobe.

The Poloneck - a staple for your wardrobe. Use to layer under tailored waistcoats.

Swing Jackets - Short-cropped or hip length. The collars are very dramatic this season-the simpler you keep them the longer you will be able to wear them. Investment Buy- The classic Jackie O style jacket (resuscitated by Mrs Obama).

Fitted Jackets in either a military or a biker-type style. If you want to buy the latter, select a chocolate brown, charcoal leather rather than black. Make sure it’s also non-shiny.

The Trench coat - Appearing in a cropped length, bold colours and satin fabrics creating an opulent effect. Investment Buy-A classic shaped coat that flatters the waist, and shoulders. Choose a neutral colour that is knee length for ongoing wear.

Animal prints
- These always come back. This year try the leopard or zebra print.

Boho Folk - Floral print mixes, paisley, luxury fringing, sheer fabrics. Don’t spend too much on this look.

Colours - Grey is the neutral of the season. Purple-from deep plums to light lavenders. Tomato red. Winter white and black add the perfect contrast. Shades of sea blue-greens and teal.

- High-sheen and satin. Garments in lace, fine lace, trims-understated, but sophisticated.

Statement Jewellery - Keep clothing simple and make a statement with big bold jewellery pieces.

Colorful, Oversized Handbags - Pick a hue you love and wear it with everything! The clutch is large. Investment Buy - A neutral colour, soft leather bag is a timeless piece.

Bold Legwear – Inject life into a tired wardrobe with coloured, textured and patterned tights. Black lace tights are a big hit this season. However, remember to tone it down for work.

Statement Shoes - Contrast heels/ multiple straps/buckles/ties, ankle booties. Investment Buy - A well made leather boot-choose a heel high enough to be flattering but low enough to be comfortable.

Bad Buys for Women

Harem pants are back! These trousers are voluminous at the hip and narrow at the leg. So only really suited to women who are very slim and don’t carry weight around the hip area. They also have a very casual/pyjama look about them.

The grunge and the gothic look

The tartan/tweed look - unless introduced in small quantities-a scarf or lining of a jacket. If you love this print only buy one piece-not the suit! Can only really be worn over one season.

Men’s Winter Must Haves

The Two-Buttoned Suit
With single or double vents. Buy it in this season’s colour-charcoal or grey–toned (the darker the better). Pinstripe suits remain a classic.

Striped Shirts

In this season’s colours of lavender, turquoise, red or orange.

Blazer/Sports Jacket
A wool or wool cashmere blazer is a must-have item. Try the corduroy option which will have a more casual look than tweed. Choose neutral tones that can be worn with jeans, suit trousers, business shirts or a t-shirt.

Flat-Front Pants
Great with a turtleneck with a button-down shirt or a sweater.

The Striped Tie
This season’s tie is not the thick stripe of the college look. It is a narrower, fainter stripe. The stripe appears in diverse colours on the tie.

The Cashmere Cardigan
Not the one your mother knitted for you or the fisherman cable knit. It's a sweater that has a slimmer, modern cut that you can wear at the office or on a date. Try one made out of light weight merino wool or cashmere.

The Square Toed Shoe
Gone are the pointy toed shoes-the square toe is back. Slip-ons and tassles are also making an appearance.

Investment Buys for Men

A black high quality suit. A super 100 wool suit is more expensive, but a true pleasure to wear. It will also last you a lifetime and its versatility is endless. Make sure you choose a classic cut.

A well-made dress shirt
is an item to cherish. Make sure it’s a good quality cotton, the buttons are secure and the collar and cuffs retain their shape. If you find one that fulfils these requirements, go back and buy another one… immediately.

Choose neutral colors and fabrics. This way you can wear them year round. If you have a limited budget, select blue or white business shirts. Navy, charcoal or black for a trouser. Keep sweaters and blazers neutral too.

Bad Buys for Men

The heavy-soled chunky shoe
Guys-now it’s really time to trade in the tractor for the sedan. Unless you are a construction worker or farmer, opt for shoes with slimmer soles-they are so much more stylish.

Expensive, Bold bright coloured items

Don’t waste a lot of money on bold prints or colours in shirts and ties.

Pleated khaki chinos with turn-ups

Pleats add bulk to your waistline and create unsightly bulges in awkward places.

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