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Latest Happenings
Miss South Africa
Last year ended with bang-after training the Miss South Africa’s semi-finalists, we attended the Miss South Africa pageant on the 15th Dec. This extravagant gala event was hosted in the Sun City Superbowl. This day just happens to also be my birthday-what a fantastic way to celebrate! Spending time chatting with none other than Miss World Kseniya Sukhinova (whom I felt like a midget next to) and the inspiring Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe. Great entertainers, a night of glitz and glamour, lots of bubbly-what more could a girl ask for? Congratulations to the beautiful new Miss South Africa,Tatum Keshwar.
The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Give a gift that will linger long in the hearts and minds of your loved ones.
Boost their confidence with a personal consultation aimed at helping them make the most of what they have and encouraging them to shine.

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What clients say…

“The impact that Professional Impressions had on our team of consultants was dynamic with immediate effect! Watching our staff apply the tools and techniques that you shared with us in such a polished and proficient manner has been testament to a truly unique and invaluable experience.”

Kim Tomlinson – Executive
The IQ Business Group
14th January 2009

Dressing Up in a Down Economy

A polished image is a powerful yet overlooked tool for obtaining results in business. It may seem foolish, spending money on creating a personal brand and projecting a powerful image. Thousands of satisfied clients will assure you, this will probably be the best investment you can make for you and your team.

Why, will this be a good investment?
  • You will differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • You will design and communicate an authentic personal brand.
  • It will enable you to connect effectively with clients, management from the first time.
  • Your new found image will provide you with confidence.
  • You will present your ideas, products in a more credible manner.
  • You will inspire trust and confidence in your capabilities.

When profits are down, realize the power you have of dressing up. People looking for success want to do business with people that look successful.

So, re-motivate your staff by booking them on the following workshops:

Package yourself for success
  • In Down times: Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up
  • How to design an authentic brand to produce results
For information on these corporate workshops contact:
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A New Year – A New You!
It's 2009! Take a deep breath and blow off your old image. Pick a bold style; test a new shape; dabble in colour.
Re-motivate yourself by booking for our internationally acclaimed personalized image consultations.
De-clutter-get rid of the old to make place for the new.
For information contact:
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Psssst-I want to hear from you:

What topics are you needing advice and information within the areas of self-development, image and etiquette? What subject matter would you like for me to focus on this year? Please e-mail me at and let me know.

Please answer the following question and send me an e-mail with your response: What personal or professional reinventions are you making that you think others would benefit from? The best responses will be published in our next e-letter.

Are you ready to re-invent yourself?

Welcome back! Is it not incredible that the first month of the year is nearly gone?

All that holiday excitement is a very distant memory. This year my resolutions are…see everyone through “purple” coloured glasses, wear my expensive fragrance daily, burn the “guest” candles, use my good dishes and
live a life of abundance.

I see the world financial state as an unexpected “gift”. Now, we have a reason to re-motivate and re-invent ourselves. With this e–letter we aim to rekindle your enthusiasm and inspire you towards a truly wondrous 2009!

In this issue:
Are you ready to re-invent yourself?
10 ways to ensure New Year's Resolution Success
Dressing Up in a Down Economy
Latest Happenings-Miss South Africa
The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift
Package yourself for success
A New Year – A New You!
Psssst-I want to hear from you

Professional Impressions re-invents itself

I am practicing what I am preaching. Every few years I update the company branding to stay in touch with trends. Re-invention is the name of the game. I hope you like our new “look and feel”.

Are you ready to re-invent yourself?

This topic is inspired by an article written by personal friend, international speaker and author, Simon T. Bailey. My wish is that it will propel you on the path of releasing your boundless brilliance this year.

The days of coming into the office to check your mail, live for your lunch break and expectantly wait for pay day are gone.

“Change is your friend not your foe, change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.”
Simon T. Bailey

Today is not the time for small thinking. It is not the time to give up. During these times some people have decided to stop doing a half-brilliant job. These times have made some employees go the extra mile without being told. Why? Who really wants to have their credit ruined, reputation diminished
or be out on the street in this economy?

The Gift of Re-invention and Re-motivation

In a recent interview, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, stated, “One of the things I’m always trying to do at Virgin is make people re-invent themselves.
I firmly believe that anything is possible.”

Re-invention just doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. Someone has to make a conscious decision to say “something has got to change.” Could you be that person? Re-invention is a process, not just a one time event.
In every period of history, out of adversity emerges brilliance:

  • In the 1930’s, the world’s tallest building – the Empire State Building - opened. This happened 18 months after the 1929 recession.
  • In the 1950’s, television sets appeared in living rooms. World War II had just ended.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. In the midst of stress, someone found a way to create the future they intended to live in instead of succumbing to the stress of the day.

This is the time to get off your butt and make a bold move in the direction of your brilliant future. That’s right… you’ve worried long enough and nothing has changed! Be the catalyst of change and re-inventing yourself:

Five Re-Invention strategies:

  • Conduct a personal brand analysis. What is your strongest capability, core competency? What is the one area where you strategically shine? What is your point of differentiation in your work environment?
  • Update your interpersonal skills. Cultivate the art of small talk. Establish a network of people who believe in you. Meet with them to begin to strategize about your future. Who can they introduce you to? How can you help them?
  • Write down your vision for your life. Jot down 50 things that you will do before you depart this earth. Focus your energy on creating the future you intend to experience.
  • Upgrade your relationships. Begin to identify key individuals in your community who are already doing what you intend to do and get involved with their vision.
  • Invest in your knowledge. Buy books that challenge your thinking. If you don’t have the time to read, download audio books.

“Brilliance is born in the womb of adversity.”

Re-motivation is the opposite of de-motivation. As a person who chooses to believe their own weather forecast, re-motivation combats the storms of uncertainty.

How to become re-motivated:
  • Look at where you are going to instead of what you are going through.
  • Always take the high road instead of living in a “pity party
  • Remember you are responsible for your future instead of having no control over it.
  • Re-motivation is something you become instead of something you do.
  • Constantly find and create value in all you do.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living.”
Gail Sheehy

10 ways to ensure New Year's Resolution Success

Less than 10% of people who set New Years' Resolutions actually achieve them. How can you ensure YOUR success?

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight or organize your office space, here are some ways to put a plan in place to make your resolutions a reality:

  1. Make your resolution very specific. "Don't say 'I want to change the way I look'—instead, say 'I want to hire an image consultant, find a new hairdresser, have a new “look” by 1st March.
  2. Do a Resolution Reality Check. Before you set the resolution, make sure you can answer, "YES!" to the following questions: "Am I the primary reason for setting this goal (vs. your mom, boyfriend, wife, boss)? Do I feel alive and energized by this goal? Is this goal in line with my life purpose or mission?"
  3. Write your resolutions down. This will give you a higher chance of success.
  4. Put Reminders in place. Stick your goals on your bathroom mirror or in their car. Put reminders on your cell phones. “Seeing” your goal every day will keep it top of mind.
  5. Commit. Move beyond "good ideas" to the land of true "commitment". Do a ritual or ceremony to symbolize your commitment.
  6. Enlist the support of friends and family. Bring others in on the resolution so you have a support group to help you accomplish your goals.
  7. Get Accountability. Have your support group remind you at least once a week, "So, how's it going with your goal?"
  8. Don't let yourself quit. Even if you slip up once or twice, start again.
  9. Visualize. See yourself on New Years Eve 2010 with all your goals achieved. What would that look like? How would it feel? Visualize once a day and see the difference it can make in your life.
  10. Use anchors. Tie your goal to a habit you already have in place. Perhaps you decide to go to gym after you drop off the kids at school, or listen to your Spanish cd whilst driving to work. Anchoring your new behaviour to an existing habit is a great tool for success.
May 2009 be the year that you reach all your goals and dreams! For all the latest tips, click here!

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