Choice choice, choice is the mark of today’s modern life. Standing on 5th Ave in New York 3 weeks ago was bewildering when confronted with so much choice. There were certainly many things to aspire to for when I win the lottery. I share 11 of these in this e–letter.
To all the exhausted, overworked, magnificent women out there– I salute you this Woman’s week, whilst encouraging you to quit your addiction to the Superwoman Syndrome. The first article is dedicated to you.

I recently attended the American Speakers Association Convention in San Diego–USA. To say I was overwhelmed by this experience is a gross understatement. In the next few e–letters I will be sharing some insights from the world’s best speakers.

Have you watched the Secret yet? Since I came across this dvd 3 months ago I managed to personally meet and attend workshops (through divine design) of 4 of the teachers on this magical dvd (see pics to the right). These people truly walk their talk and exude a peaceful yet powerful energy.

In my travels, I came across illustrator Anne Taintor’s work. She takes unnaturally happy 1950’s women expressing hilarious thoughts. Her gift and stationery items pokes fun at traditional notions of women. I walked out of a shop with 35 items of her collection. I have scattered some of her illustrations here–I hope you laugh as much as I did!
Are you totally out of ideas on what to do for Woman’s/Secretary’s Day? Want an innovative and enjoyable way to reward yourself and your colleagues?
Encourage closer working relationships, reward the ladies at the office and invest in your sanity!

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12 Steps to Superwoman Freedom!
Return to sanity by trying out these steps:
1. Donate ‘all’ Superwoman clothing hiding in your closet – including those jeans that used to fit when you were 15!
2. Learn to form the following words, “No!” – “I don’t have time!” – “I have other plans!” – and – “No, there is no age requirement for making your own bed!”
3. Home grown refrigerator mold, has no medical value . . . (but keep this to yourself.)
4. Yes, depression can be caused by looking at models in magazine ads . . . Reassure yourself ‘no’ they really do not look like that. They are air–brushed, clothes–pinned, girdled, . . . and starving to death. So, have that double bar one chocolate cake on me!
5. Accept it! You cannot make ‘everything okay for everyone’! This is a vital step to being cured of the Superwoman Syndrome. If you ever hear the words, “No problem. I’ll take care of it. . . ,” be sure they are highly likely to be uttered by a woman.
6. When the parking attendant next asks you, “Do you need help with your packets?” . . . the answer is, “YES!” After all, you just spent R295 for those 2 small plastic bags of groceries.
7. If you are not a ‘cook’ . . . admit it! Do not attempt to make ‘coq au vin’ for your husband’s boss, just because it happens to have chicken in it. Hire the best chef in town “Monsieur Woolies”, hide the packets and enjoy a pedicure with the time you saved in cooking!
8. When your temperature is 102 – lie down. Amazing, but when you arise, your house, family, pets and other obligations are still there . . . (this, too, was a difficult one for me.) If I didn’t do it, it didn’t get done . . .well, then it can wait.
9. Plastic floral arrangements in the backyard, hold their color for quite a spell, if not placed in the hot sun. ‘But Oprah’s garden is so beautiful.’ Yours would be too if you had a gardening team of 40 pruning and fertilizing 24 hours a day . . . Learn to enjoy PICTURES of beautiful flowers.
10. Know your limitations. Let the fantasy of the perfect woman die…she does not exist! Don’t buy into this ad campaign.
11. When it comes to being a perfectionist you probably rank right up there. This is the root of the “Superwoman Syndrome”. . . it’s a joy killer. Stop trying to do it all yourself! It’s time to trade in your cape for a pair of Jimmy Choo killer heels!
Study Proves Image Consultants Raise Self–Esteem
The first ever image research study from Central Michigan University, shows image consulting services give people more than just a “superficial boost.”
Self–esteem measures were obtained using the Hartman Self Esteem Index®. Appreciable changes were seen in self–assessment, self–improvement, self–management and internal self–esteem.
This study validates the work of image consultants as being important not only on a superficial level but also that it has a positive influence on a client’s ability to realise and appreciate his or her own self–worth.
The study results, demonstrate that image services have a significant impact on personal and professional development skills which relate to the areas people deem most important in life: self–confidence, career, promotion and performance and interpersonal relationships. It is now evident that the work of image consultants influences both the “inside”, as well as the “outside” human element.
The study also showed that image consultants do not have to perform extreme makeovers or work with their clients for years to impact their self–confidence. The average number of sessions in this sample was 2.18 ranging from 1 to 12 hours maximum.
We can make a big difference in a small amount of time!
Are you stuck in an image rut? Are you ready for change? Do your staff need an image “lift”?
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11 things to buy before you die….
This section was inspired by “101 things to buy before you die”– a book featuring a collection of the very best food , clothes, furniture that the world can offer. Most items were chosen as a result of their legendary status and craftsmanship.
1. Handbag–Hermes Birkin – from R 35 000
To have the right bag has become the “in” thing in fashion. The Hermes Birkin commands waiting lists from 3 months up for the rich and famous. This leather carry–all was inspired by the actress Jane Birkin and it can be ordered in 8 000 different combinations. The most expensive style had 14 carats of pave diamonds set in white gold and sold recently for R 455 000
2. Watch for women–Cartier Tankissme–R 175 000.
This 18 carat white gold diamond set watch is timelessly elegant, refined, luxurious and feminine.
Watch for Men–Rolex Oyster–R24 500
It is powered by an internal mechanism that uses the movement of the wearer’s arm. All 220 components are assembled by hand.
3. Stilettos–Manolo Blahnik–from R 4 900
His stilettos lengthen the leg from the hip to the toes. His classic shapes remain timelessly stylish. Worn and adored by celebrities like Madonna.
“Shoes are an instant theater.
They help a person act who they want to be.”
Manolo Blahnik
4. Cutlery–Villeroy and Boch Sereno–44 pieces from R3 150
A French brand dating as far back as 1748. Perfect streamlined proportions, sleek and silver. Will enhance the look of your dining room and impress dinner guests
5. Fountain Pen–Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 – about R3 500
The most popular of the range is this chubby, cigar–shaped model. The nib is made from 18 carat gold with a platinum inlay. Each pen passes through the hands of 120 staff over a 3 month production period. At this time they also check for the sound the pen makes when it hits paper! Mont Blanc has produced pens since 1906–with the most expensive one being the Solitaire Royal Blue at R875 000.
6. Coffee–Kopi Luwak–R 1200
The best blend is personal taste. The most rare, most expensive is that ground from the kopi luwak. These beans are produced from the excrement of civets who feast on coffee cherries. The result, thanks to the civets gastric juices is smooth with no hint of bitterness.
7. Mascara–Lancome Definicils–R 260
If your eyes are the windows to your soul – your eyelashes are the curtains. The best way to enhance those lashes is by the lengthening them with Definicils. No smudging, flaking and it glides on easily. Having worked for the brand 7 years it continuously outsold its competitors. I will go to a deserted island with it.
8. Nail varnish–Revlon Colorstay R70
Often outlasts more expensive brands. The colour is true to that of the bottle. Glides on easily and can last up to a week without chipping.
9. Bed Linen–Pratesi– sheet starts at R9 800
All embroidery done by hand and apprentices are taught for 5 years before they can work on the linen. Egyptian cotton is used and only the top 0. 02 %. Thread count is what “counts”–this is the number of threads in a one – inch square of fabric – Pratesi is over 700.
10. Bra–Cadolle’s Cara–from R 3 500
Nothing is more important than a bra that fits. This made to measure bra service takes a 6 week period and two fittings. The great, great grandmother of the owner was the inventor of the bra.
11. Luggage–Louis Vuitton – from R 10 000 for a vanity case
The classic monogrammed trunk is the most ostentatious luggage you could ever aspire to have. This label ( established in 1854 ) will have fellow passengers drooling.
If there are any of the above you can’t afford right now put them on your wish list and your vision chart! Watch how you can create your own reality.
Professional Impressions would like to credit the following for information and images used in this article:
Superwoman QuitsSusan Misty Taggart
Image study conducted by Jo Ann K. Linrud, Ph.D.Central Michigan University
For the Association of Image Consultants International
101 things to buy before you dieM davis, C. Williamsons
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