As I walk through the shopping malls and see the Christmas decorations I gasp and say to myself–where has 2006 gone? Can you believe that in a few days you will be sitting next to Auntie Hazel, eating turkey and drinking the festive Christmas punch? For many the Festive Holidays are a very stressful time of the year, hence
On behalf of myself and my team we would like to thank you for making 2006 inspiring, stimulating and challenging!
We feel blessed to have been involved with yourself personally as well as your company.
We wish you a peaceful and joyful festive season.

From all of us at Professional Impressions, here’s to a happy and healthy 2007.
We’ll be back in the new year with exciting workshops and useful e-letter tips.

Happy Holidays!
Take the stress out of Gift Buying

Are you looking for a gift with a difference?
Are you looking for a gift that will last well after Christmas?
Get that someone special their own image consultant!
Our consultations are tailor–made to suit each person’s individual style and personality. If you want it for yourself,
forward this as a subtle hint ...
For information on the different packages, please contact us on:
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In keeping with the true spirit of the season we are offering a 10 % preferential fee on our personalised consultations booked from
Dec 2006–February 2007.
Tips for Holiday Sanity!
Stop saying Yes! To keep your stress levels down during the Festive Season’s get together’s stop saying yes to everything and everyone! Don’t suffer from the disease to please. Buy Joyce Meyer’s Approval addiction book to help you be more assertive.
Accept them. We all have a family relative we dread to spend time with – the whining grandmother, the victim cousin, the arrogant brother in law. Accept the family you have and let go of the perfect fantasy family you think you should have–it does not exist. You cannot change who they are but you can change your attitude towards them.
Delegate stress. Don’t suffer in silence and then explode when your husband does not slice the turkey correctly. Let your loved ones know when you are not coping and ask for their help.
Deal with issues. If there is a certain family member you have had an "issue" with in the past–air it out upfront. In a loving, non-confrontational manner let the person know that you would like to move on without holding grudges from either side. Wave the white flag.
Calming, joyful tunes. Many will be spending much time in the car, make sure you have a collection of assorted music that will be liked by all from young to old. Buy some car, sing along compilation CD's – they fill the space with joyful energy.
Keep repeating the chant ... Unwind, have fun, pamper, prepare for the New Year ...
Reflection. Take time to think of your achievements during the year. Humbly give thanks to a Higher Power for the bountiful blessings you have received.
Create a holiday budget. Take a look at your financial status and plan not to overspend. When you see that expensive holiday gift you want to give yourself–remember you still need to eat in January and pay your bond! Make sure your kids obtain an allowance and be assertive not to cave in when they are begging you for more money on the first day away.
Don’t worry be happy. Give up the perfect holiday myth. Stop worrying about things that 4 months from now you would have forgotten cause they don’t really matter. Stop trying to be in control at all times! So what if he got you the silver crackers when your table theme is gold? Is it really worth fighting over? Buy him a book on listening skills–he’ll get the hint.
"If you have much, give your wealth.
If you have little , give your heart"
Arab proverb

Bored with the usual beginning of the year conference/meeting? Want an innovative and enjoyable way to reward your team?
Take advantage of this time to encourage closer working relationships and invest in the New Year’s success.
Book us to conduct a presentation/workshop for your staff at your office. It’s a fun, unique and lasting way to motivate your team.
You can choose from:
"A Work in Progress" will encourage you to take a step back and re–evaluate your life. This presentation will enable you to see yourself and others in a new way.
"The Superwoman Syndrome" Specifically for the woman who is trying to deal with her multi–faceted roles, whilst maintaining her sanity! This inspirational and entertaining presentation will provide strategies for coping with today’s realities.
"Phenomenal You" Focus on Attitude Renewal – the way we think, Project a Positive Self–Esteem – the way we feel, Tune Up your Confidence – what is reflected on the outside
"Power Etiquette" – What you don’t know can destroy your career.
Let us guide you through the fundamentals and finer points of business etiquette, equipping you to become a ’mover and shaker’ in a way that is dynamic and relevant to today’s working world.
"First Impressions for Lasting Opinions" Are you the brand of choice or a no name brand? Package yourself and your team for success.
For more information on the above, please contact us on:
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