Looking good on the outside, can only be achieved if you feel good about yourself on the inside. This month we look at ways of enhancing your self esteem and confidence levels as well as the correct choice of undergarments to further enhance how you feel and project yourself.
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A Confidence Tune–Up
Do you envy a colleague when she makes a proposal or walks into a meeting, looking calm, assured and confident? You wish you shared this confidence, but convince yourself that its either something you’re born with or not. Confidence is not necessarily inborn; it can be learnt and taught. The most confident appearing people are likely quaking in their boots at times – they are just supremely good at masking it.
They will also have moments of self– doubt or aspects of their lives where they feel less assured but they have the ability to rise above these.
So what is confidence? An absolute trust and security in your abilities, competencies and capabilities. It is not arrogance – arrogance is a defence the non–confident hide behind.
There will be occasions when you take a knock to your confidence, when things don’t work out quite how you planned. Identifying what “wobbles” your confidence is essential in developing it.
The Confidence Wobblers:
  • Perfectionism: Setting yourself up for constant failure and disappointment by applying standards beyond reach or reason. Set realistic and measurable goals. Reward yourself when you attain them–don’t beat yourself up when you don’t.
  • Fear and Doubt: These are the greatest limiters to confidence. Whether it is fear of failure, of rejection, of being laughed at etc. “He is right – I don’t know what I am doing”. Identify your particular fears/doubts and learn to overcome them. Remember that 99% of what we fear will never come true.
  • Limiting Self–Beliefs: “I’ve always been shy”, “I don’t have a degree”, “I have never dealt with that side of the business – I don’t know if I will cope”
  1. Make a list of your positive and negative self–beliefs.
  2. The mere act of writing these down, often clarifies how you perceive yourself. Update the relevance of these beliefs. “I’ve always been shy, but now I realise I am outgrowing it” “I used to be angry and aggressive but I am mellowing with age”.
  3. Negative self beliefs need to be turned around, framed as positive and then used as daily affirmations “I’m a slogger” gets to be “I am perseverant, I get the job done”.
  4. Remember negative beliefs if not contained may become self fulfilling prophecies.
  5. Stop buying into “the Impostor Syndrome” “I’m really not good enough for the position I’m going to mess up soon and then everyone will know”.
  • Assumptions: Don’t make assumptions about others beliefs, thoughts about you “He would never ask me to lead the project–he knows I lack confidence”.
Confidence takes practise, but if you start with the right recipe ingredients you can’t go wrong.
The Confidence Recipe
  • Competence – I know I can do it I’ve done it before– successfully.
  • Capability – I have the necessary skills or I aim to acquire them.
  • Self– belief – I believe I have it within me to succeed.
  • Self– trust – I trust myself to do what is necessary.
  • Willingness – I am eager and have the will to do it.
“Alas for those who never sing and die with all the music in them”
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Model your behaviour on your confidence hero/heroine–be it Madonna, Mother Teresa, Madiba or your manager. They probably share many of the following characteristics.
The Habits of Confident People
  • “Fake it till you make it”. Confident people get the butterflies flying in formation and use their nervous energy positively.
  • Acting the part–great posture, good breath control and an understanding of positive body language allow the confident to look totally in control.
  • Looking the part–make sure you have at least one outfit that oozes confidence. Wear confident colours.
  • Learning from past failures and mistakes. What sets confident individuals apart from others is their ability to get up again, dust themselves off, reassess, change direction if necessary.
  • Think yourself brilliant–“you are fantastic, you are a star at your job, you look amazing”. Remember the power of words, thoughts turn into reality.
  • Transfer feelings of confidence from those areas that you are assured to the areas you are not. You are a great tennis player–how does it feel when you have just played that winning stroke? Transfer that feeling of confidence to just before you need to make that fearful speech.
  • Acquring a clear vision and strategy.
  • Having passion and commitment.
  • Taking action.
  • Being informed, prepared.
  • Gather cheerleaders. Surround yourself with confident, successful people–those who encourage and applaud you. Limit the amount of time you spend with those that constantly criticise, put you down.
  • Credit your success and achievements.
Modelling yourself on these characteristics will allow you to gain self–assurance. Before long you will realise you have created a new found confidence.
“The way you feel on the inside affects how you look and behave on the outside.”
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Battle of the Briefs
Foundation garments… uurgh that sounds scary and old fashioned. Well that’s what underwear should do – create a foundation on which you overlay clothes. It doesn’t matter if your clothes are expensive and stylish, they will not lie well on your body if you are wearing bad underwear…… And you probably are! Did you know that ¾ of women are in the incorrect bra size?
Spend time, money and thought on a great underwear wardrobe. Your 2 old lacy bras with no elastic and half a dozen slightly grey g-strings don’t count. Fabulous underwear makes you feel good and can also radically change your body silhouette - creating shape, elevating, cinching in and smoothing out.
Selecting your Bra
There is definitely a place for sexy bra’s, but practical garments should predominate in your wardrobe.
  • Have a professional bra size measurement done. Woolworths, Edgars and other retail stores will assist you with this.
  • Even if you think you know your size, always try on a bra before purchasing. Bra cuts and sizing differ considerably e.g. Woolworths sizing tends to be smaller than Triumph or Playtex.
  • If you are a B cup or bigger - wear an under wired bra. It provides you better support and will give you a more natural shape.
  • Breast tissue should not ooze past the side of your bra. Choose a bigger cup size or a different style with more side coverage.
  • Small busted girls-select a push up or padded bra-not both as your breasts will not look authentic. Never wear a square cut bra or neckline it makes chest appear flatter.
  • The back strap of a bra should fit snugly under the wings of your shoulder blades. If it is pulling up to your neck, the straps might be too tight or the back size too big e.g. change from a 36 to 34.
  • Always fit a bra on the middle strap to allow for month fluctuations in bra size.
  • Shoulder straps should support not dig into you. Large breasted women should consider a wider strapped style.
  • Nipples should sit ½ way between shoulder and elbow. Tightening the straps is cheaper than a boob lift!
Colour/Fabric Choices
  • Match your bra colour to your skin colour-flesh coloured being best. Ladies with darker skins choose mocha or coffee-not black, no matter how dark your skin is.
  • For everyday use choose seamless bras in a smooth fabric, as they will give you the most versatility. Lacy bras give you a lumpy silhouette under jersey or T-shirt fabric. Cotton bras tend to cling due to static that develops.
AVOID VPL at all costs
  • The dreaded visible panty line-to avoid wear a thong. If you do not like the style wear a seamless flat fabric in a brief.
Many lower figure problems can be corrected with the correct underwear.
A Droopy bum
  • If your bum sags – don’t wear a G-string as they offer no support at all-unless your pants/skirt is in a thick fabric.
  • Try a more supportive style or try “Miracle Lifts” available from Clicks, Verimark etc.They lift, hold and give you a great shape.
The Hippy – Hippy Shake
  • Support underwear that extends from waist to mid thigh – like cycling shorts slim hips unbelievably.
Bulging Tums
  • Avoid low cut briefs. Look for underwear with a reinforced tummy panel that reaches up to belly button at least, if not higher. Consider a supportive all in one body suit. This holds everything and gives you a wonderful hourglass shape.
And so to Men
  • Briefs, Y- fronts, tanga’s, boxers there are a myriad of different styles to suit every man.
  • Briefs will give more support, boxers more freedom.
  • When wearing very lightweight trouser fabric – boxers will ruin the line of the trousers, so briefs are preferable.
  • Synthetic fabric boxers also tend to cause static build up – silk is the best.
  • Sleeveless vests or string vests are going out of fashion. They served to absorb sweat in summer and keep you warm in winter. The T-shirt type vest is now more popular.
  • If you are wearing a vest or a T-shirt under your shirt – ensure it has no logos on it that will show through.
  • Ensure that the neckline is not too high cut-that it will be visible.
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