Mid–winter is always a bleak time of year, energy levels are low, resistance is down, if we are not battling flu we might be battling colleagues and loved ones. So we thought you might enjoy a “pick me up”!
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Where did your energy go?
We know getting up in the morning is much harder in winter. It’s dark, cold and gloomy. There is nothing wrong in sneaking 5 minutes more under the duvet. However there is something wrong when you drag yourself out of bed, feel exhausted by 10am and comatose by 3pm. Low energy patches are to be expected at times, but when they happen over extended periods you need to find out why you are running on empty and devise strategies to replenish your batteries.
We live in a world overloaded with work, information and stimulation. Efficiency and speed are prized commodities and permeate all aspects of our life from work to leisure. Living at high speed allows us to pack more in, lets us accrue more material possessions, but at what ultimate cost?
Energy drainers
Tight, unrealistic deadlinesPoor nutritionOffice gossip
OverstressedUnresolved conflicts with a friend, colleague, family memberNegative emotions eg. anger, helplessness, fear
Pessimistic person constantly in your spaceNo exerciseLack of sleep
Unreliable colleagues, friendsProcrastinating–and constantly thinking about itConstant interruptions–a chatty colleague, phone ringing off the hook
Write down what are your main energy drainers–everything and everyone that saps your energy from your body. Now work out a way that you can eliminate these or diminish them eg:
  • I ask my family, friends, colleagues to honour my work time by eliminating non–essential personal calls and interruptions.
  • I coordinate my work schedule to remove interruptions, distractions eg. I only check voice mail, e–mails twice a day.
  • I arrange to meet my mother–in–law to discuss my issues and challenges I have with her in order to amicably come up with a solution.
Remember the more unresolved issues you harbour the less energy you have to cope with everyday mundane tasks.
“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!”
Anthony Robbins
How to re–charge your batteries ...
Clear out the clutter
Clutter and disorganisation are major energy drainers. Organise your mental clutter (consistent negative thoughts), work clutter (mountains of filing on your desk), home clutter (unworn clothes). So write positive mental affirmations, file your paperwork, give away clothing you have not worn in the last 2 years – you’ll feel lighter and freer. Fill in after this sentence: From tomorrow I will clear out the following ...
“When in doubt...throw it out”
Balancing Male and Female Energies
Both men and women are a combination of female and male energy. Female energy is inner directed, spiritual and emotional, wise and instinctive. Male energy is more active and outward looking. It combines logic, rationality and practicality. Society has traditionally only valued and espoused the male energy. Happily it is now recognised that for happy and healthy individuals and societies we need the combination of the two energies, the Ying and Yang. Find ways that you are able to do this. As a male find activities that will bring out your female energy eg do a course on bringing out your natural intuition or buy a book to teach you to speak to your spiritual guides. If you are a woman–why not start kick–boxing? Join a hiking club.
Sleep per chance to dream
Most of us suffer from bouts of sleep deprivation, often self induced. We work/play flat out then shut ourselves away on Sunday and try to catch up on the 20 hours we missed during the week! Consistency is the key – get regular sleep, at least 6–8 hours. If you do miss out on sleep try and catch up as soon as possible, waiting 5 days won’t help.
Nutrition and exercise
Yeah, yeah you’ve heard it all before. But you can’t expect a machine to function well without the correct fuel and maintenance. Stop dieting – start eating healthily.
When one’s self–esteem is low we get into analysis to paralysis mode. Engage in physical activity get moving through Yoga, Pilates, or Cha–Cha dance classes – these are all great fun and don’t feel like you are “exercising”.
Time out
Keeping ones energy levels up requires work. The hardest work to justify and implement is work done on yourself. Mind, body and spirit need to be addressed and nurtured on a regular basis. Schedule regular “Me moments” – time when you do something you really enjoy e.g. having a facial, going to a movie, wandering through an art gallery or just reading a book in peace. If you don’t constantly stimulate your creativity, spirituality and intellect you can expect to feel like a washed out dish rag.
Colour your life
Colour therapy is a wonderful energiser. Surround yourself with the correct colours– to lull, to soothe and calm or to add vibrancy and joy. Be daring – like painting the kitchen orange and the bedroom aqua!
Visit your local gemstone shop, esoteric market or health shop for information about the healing and energising powers of semi–precious stones and crystals. Enchanting to display in your home or office. You can even wear as jewellery, with the holistic benefits being a bonus.
Your choice of colours for clothing has proven to have an emotional, physical, mental effect on individuals. Do you know what colours make you look drained and tired?
Contact us for a personal colour tune up. Wearing the right colours will not only boost your level of energy but also make you look fabulous at the same time.
Feel you need some help and guidance to recharge your batteries – consider the following courses we offer:
The Superwoman Syndrome
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What I wish I’d said – how to speak up
Why is it only after the fact that we think of the perfect repost, the ultimate put down the snappy reply? Why is it that so many of us struggle to say what we really feel, especially when things get difficult? We can’t tell the hairdresser “I don’t like what you’ve done to my hair!” We tell our best friend “I’m not sure that dress style is you” rather than “That dress makes your behind look huge”.

“We fear each other because we don’t understand each other. We don’t understand each other because we don’t communicate with each other ”
Martin Luther King Jr.
Difficult conversations are “difficult” because they can change the way people perceive us, as well as how we perceive ourselves. Not being able to say something to someone is an indication that we are afraid to own up to how we feel. “I’m really irritated at being taken for granted”. “I hate how she makes me feel”.
You will never be able to ask for what you need unless you are truthful to yourself as to what it is you want or need from that person. The toughest negotiations you will ever have won’t be the ones you have with your boss or you partner they will be the ones you have with yourself. You loose valuable power, energy by constantly agreeing or saying yes to others when you mean no!
One needs to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. The worst work scenarios are those that have such underlying tensions because everyone is afraid to speak up.
Speak up
Need to have a conversation you are dreading? Here are a couple of tips to make it less painful:
  • Learn the language of the organisation–others will “hear” you better.
  • If you are in an industry where speed is of priority eg trading in shares, stocks or constantly needing to meet tight deadlines – you may need to be blunt to be efficient eg: “ No, that will not work at all”. However if you are in an organisation that has a “softer–more nurturing” approach to business you will need to be more diplomatic. Eg “Here’s how I would like to add on to your idea”.
  • Say no to ideas – not individuals
  • Plan ahead what you want to say, have a couple of key points. Rehearse the conversation in your head especially how you plan to start.
  • Try and speak a little slower than is your norm, keep your voice level and remember to breathe. Speaking too quickly lacks impact, makes you appear flustered and breathless merely adding to your stress levels. We should concentrate on modulating the pitch of our voice – nerves and emotions tend to make your voice high and squeaky.
  • Keep your remarks as neutral as possible avoid lots of emotive words. Eg. “ I don’t think this idea will be as great as the other one” instead of “ I hate Your idea it’s just not good enough.” In this way you prevent the conversation from getting heated, don’t loose the plot. Make sure you get to say all you wanted and needed to say.
  • If the other person gets emotional, telling them to “calm down” is not recommended unless you want a swat! Rather offer them the opportunity to regroup “I’d like to think about the things that you’ve said, I’ll get back to you.”
  • If you get emotional – back off. Little will be achieved until you have controlled your emotions. Take a deep breath and retire gracefully: “Please give me a few moments, what I need to say to you is important”.
  • Yes, it is essential to get what you need to say across, but do take the time to listen to the other person. You may be surprised by the other person’s point of view.
  • Don’t loose track of what it was you needed to say, but take this opportunity to see if you have been heard and understood. So many misunderstandings can be prevented if you take a step back, assess, reassess and then if necessary change your track rather than ploughing full steam ahead.
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