Lost that Holiday Feeling?
Welcome back! Is it not incredible that we are already in the 2nd month of 2006? Only a few weeks back at work and everyone already feels exhausted and drained. All that holiday enthusiasm and energy is a very distant memory.
Lost that Lovin’ Feeling?
Give a gift that will linger long in the hearts and minds of your loved ones this month.
Spend some fun, quality time with that special someone in your life – it can be your best friend, brother, mom, husband.
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Have You Come to a Career Crossroads?
It is quite normal to have days when you dread going to work, days when you feel underpaid, unappreciated and resentful. If you have a boss, there are going to be days when it is just a question of how you are going to kill him, not whether you actually do kill him!
However, if you are so bitterly unhappy at the office that it is spilling into other areas of your life e.g. relationships, health-heed the warning lights! You need to take stock and look at the signposts of the crossroad you have reached.
Small Detours
Ask yourself – “What am I dissatisfied with?” Is it ...
  • Salary
  • Hours worked
  • Recognition
  • Advancement
  • Clash of Personalities
  • Job description/Responsibilities
Tick which of the above (if any) apply to you. Don’t despair your situation may be salvageable. All of these issues can be tweaked with the relevant people, whether your own manager or your H.R department. Small detours/changes made now can make a dramatic difference to your current situation and how you perceive your job.
Apply the acronym ACNE to your dissatisfaction…
Accept-can you accept the current situation, conditions for at least another year?
Change-if not-can you ask to be moved to another department, branch,
divisional head?
Negotiate-can you negotiate better conditions, salary?
Exit-if none of the above can be done-you need to simply bid Bon Voyage!
  • One of the main reasons for job dissatisfaction is a perception that you’re not being paid what you are worth. Jot down what you believe your raise should be.
  • Do research on your current market value. Speak to the H.R department, canvass other similar companies, check out ads in the career section of the newspaper.
  • Be objective - ask yourself – do my results/output for the last year warrant such an increase? In these lean times when budgets need to be cut managers always target those people that cost the most and offer the least in returns!
Hours worked
  • Nowadays many companies encourage flexi-time. Does your job lend itself to you taking work home with you? You will never know if you don’t ask.
  • If you are able to negotiate more flexible working hours - ensure your productivity doesn’t suffer while working at home in your pyjamas.
  • Are you constantly updating your qualifications, by reading, networking, or studying further to increase your marketability?
  • Does your company have a set plan for up-skilling/training its employees?
    If not, suggest this to the relevant department.
  • Seek clarification on your advancement prospects from your manager. Be realistic and do be prepared to receive an answer that you may not expect or desire. At least you will have a clear idea of where your future lies – up, down or sideways.
Clash of Personalities
  • If you are uncomfortable at work due to a personality conflict, clash of ethics, work philosophy discuss this with HR-maybe you are not the only one complaining and the “faulty” party can be moved to another department. If not a discussion meeting could be arranged with the relevant employee. Ensure your manager/HR manager facilitates the process.
“If you don't know what your passion is -realise that the one reason for your existence on earth is to find it”
180 Degree Detour
If nothing in the world could make you love your current job, then possibly you are in the wrong career. Perhaps you need to do a 180 degree detour. Before taking this courageous step consider the following:
  • Dramatic career moves almost always require you taking a salary cut, if not starting at the bottom again. Are you prepared to do that?
  • Will you have to study further? Can you cope with this financially? Does having to write another exam make you break out in a sweat?
  • Try and utilise your existing skills in a different industry e.g. a pharmaceutical representative becoming a nurse, a teacher going into function management. Don’t rush into things. Surf the web-online research. Research thoroughly, joining relevant associations, reading, on-line research.
  • If necessary take some leave and shadow someone actually doing your “dream job”. Many jobs loose their glamorous appeal when you are involved in the nitty gritty hands on stuff.
  • Save as much money as you can to act as a buffer should you have to study further or need to take a salary cut. Could you use your pension fund payout to start your business?
  • Always resign on good terms from your present company. You never know they may become future clients of yours!
Change is always scary - expect to have many sleepless nights. However it is better to work with what you love than to try to love your work.
“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes and dance”
Lost Your Holiday Sparkle?
Make time in your busy schedule to recapture that holiday feeling and keep you energised for the coming year:
  • Go to one of the book sales at Estoril or Exclusive Books and buy something slushy or frivolous to read. Lie in your garden, on a towel, and pretend you are back on the beach.
  • Diarise all the public holidays and “leave” time allocated to you.
  • Start researching your next holiday, pop into the travel agents and grab some brochures, cut out pictures from magazines to stick on the fridge. Or just go ahead and book it, so you have something to look forward to all year.
  • Treat yourself occasionally to some real holiday food, “slap” chips, bunny chow, a double decker choc/fudge sundae.
  • Keep up your holiday look with a good quality fake tan.
  • Finding the dramatic change from cossie and slops to business suits a bit much? Why not team your suit with a crisp, white T-shirt? Show off those tanned legs in a skirt.
  • Go for a pedicure to ensure feet are sandal friendly.
  • Don’t leave precious holiday memories moulding away in the camera. Have them printed, do a scrap booking course so your photo’s can be displayed beautifully. Use your most precious ones as a rolling screensaver-obviously not the saucy ones!
  • Keep exercising – we are always more active when holidaying. Go for a walk after work, go to the local gym at lunch and swim.
  • Make time, even if it is just for an hour a week to do something different– paint by numbers, join a Latin dance class, take an exotic cooking course.
  • Make a friend for life send this e-letter to your best mates, so they too can enjoy inspiring articles, the latest tips on everything from office etiquette to what handbag to choose.
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