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Telephones and cell phones love or hate them they are an intrinsic tool in modern business. We use them and abuse them but they are “hear” to stay. How you use them can be an asset or a liability to your success in business
August tends to be a dull month even though the shops have started bringing out all their spring items. Let’s face it - who wants to spend money on things they are unlikely to wear for another month? So, why not use the time to do the one single thing which will make or break your image and your confidence - your crowning glory ...
Business telephone calls
A company has 2 entrances for their customers- the front door and the telephone. The competence, professionalism and courtesy of a business is judged by the way employees answer the phone. 75% of new clients decide to do business with a company based on their first call. Remember that even when a call has been mistakenly sent through to you!
On Call
  • Answer promptly – 5 rings maximum. Most people won’t bother making a second call to a company if their call is not answered within 30 seconds
  • Identify yourself and your company immediately
  • Have a mirror handy. It will remind you of your facial expressions. A grimace as well as a smile can be picked up in your voice
  • Focus on the caller – no talking to some one else, typing, chewing gum, painting your nails or eating while on a call
  • If taking a message, avoid providing too much information ...
    “She’s got a hangover and gone home early” doesn’t inspire confidence ...
“One must strike a balance between warmth and friendliness as well as clarity and efficiency”
Marija Ruygrok from ACCENTS
Cell phone usage
  • What does your cell phone look like? Battered and bashed? Covered with makeup base? You phone is a reflection of your overall image, so even the ring tone and volume level need to be appropriate and business like
  • Take care when discussing confidential information, that you cannot be overheard if in public
  • Excuse yourself to take a call or reply to an sms. Step away from a group of people when receiving a call
  • Turn off your phone in a meeting. Even a vibrating or discreet tone can be annoying. Use a soft ring in public
  • Ensure your voice mail message – is short, professional and informative
  • If leaving phone unattended, indicate to colleagues if they should ignore or answer
  • Business calls should be placed during reasonable business hours
  • Avoid answering a cell phone in your car with music on
  • Don’t ask a client to call you back, you phone them. “Missed” calls, “please call me's” are also inappropriate
  • The call receiver should identify themselves when answering, the caller should identify themselves when calling
Top Phone Rage Triggers
Inaccessibility Being placed on hold and not kept informed
(1 min to you = 10min to caller)
Insincerity Greetings which do not sound sincere
Starting a call with “How are you?”
Impersonal treatment Abrupt or bored sounding staff
Being treated as a number “Name, account no.”
No one taking responsibility Being passed from 1 person to another
Unable to find correct “problem solver”
Not being kept informed Not being told you are being transferred, hearing a click or silence, thinking you have been cut off
Annoying music
Promises not met Calls not having been returned
several calls re-assuring client, still no delivery or response
Denied Access Caller is fobbed off “call back in half an hour”
“Who’s calling?
What is it in connection with?
Sorry he is in a meeting”
Rudeness Rude and impatient staff
Belittling client ie. “If you had heard what I had said”
“If you had read your statement correctly”
As an employee of your company, you have the power to reinforce the quality and value of your products/ services by looking and acting the part, helping the company to achieve its full potential.
To assist you, your staff, colleagues to do exactly this - contact us for a Power Etiquette tailor-made programme
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Cutting Edge
Are you having a bad hair life?
Hair can be your crowing glory or your worst nightmare.
How do you feel waking up to a bad hair day? You know your confidence levels will be at an all time low and that the day can only get worse. If you are having a great hair day - don’t you feel you can conquer the world?
Are you sporting the same hairstyle you have had for the past 5 years? Be brave. Getting a new cut or colour is the single easiest way to totally transform the way you look
It could be time to try a new stylist so you can be looked at by fresh eyes. Change is good but must be planned to be successful
Have you ever smiled politely at the hairdresser said “Its lovely” and then spent the next 3 weeks indoors chewing Bob Martins?
To prevent these hair disasters you should:
Be proactive. Take a photo of a style you like, better than trying to describe what you want –guaranteed to end in misery. If you see someone with a fantastic cut and colour-ask them who they go to
Be flexible. The style you have chosen may not be possible – you may have the wrong face shape, hair texture etc. Adjustments may be required, trust the stylists judgment they will strive to get you as close to the desired style as they can
Be honest about how much time you have to manage your hair. An elaborate blow-dried style is impractical if you do your hair in the rearview mirror at a traffic light
Be realistic. A definite style or a vastly different colour is going to require maintenance. Bank on seeing the stylist every 4-6 weeks; this obviously will impact your pocket
The correct hair colour for you will bring clarity, lightness or depth so make sure you have had a colour consultation with us to know what suits you best
Remember you will also need to review your make-up colours with your new or improved hair colour
Be prepared. If you want to re-create what your stylist has achieved you have to have the correct tools. Invest in a professional hairdryer with a large narrow nozzle (to allow for a smooth blow dry) or a diffuser if you have naturally curly hair and this is how you like it.
Be brutal if you hate what’s been done – tell the stylist. Hairdressers truly want you to be satisfied and if you’re not you need to let them know why. Colour can be changed; styles amended and at the end of the day - hair always grows (12mm a month)
Great Hair Raisers
  • If you have no time to wash your hair-wash and dry the fringe. If you are not wearing a fringe, create a horizontal line from ear to ear and wash that bit. It is the bit that does get greasy first and where people's eyes are drawn to. If you are really pushed for time, apply a small amount of talcum powder to your roots and comb through.
  • Wet your hair before you hit the swimming pool because already wet hair absorbs less chlorine.
  • Been in a smoky environment? Rub a little lavender oil through your hair: it's the best antidote.
Ensure a great hair experience
What every stylist should provide:
Book a consultation (you should not be charged for this) to discuss your face shape, your lifestyle (do you go to the gym / wash or your hair in the bath or shower /wear glasses / etc.), the amount of time you have to manage your hair (happy to blow dry / prefer to let it dry on its own), products and appliances you use, before even touching your hair
Face shape, skin colouring, hair and scalp condition should be assessed before cutting or any chemical process is considered. Recommendations should be made regarding the use of products to correct hair and scalp problems e.g. dry hair, flaking scalp etc.
It makes sense if you are spending a substantial amount on the cut and colouring of your hair to use products that will enhance and maintain the condition of your hair, something that supermarket products can’t hope to do
Expertise and Advice
Hairstylists, certainly from well known L’oreal salons like Gary Rom, Terenzo’s, Dave and Johan etc all undergo rigorous training and are experts at getting the best out of your hair, from the latest cutting techniques to new ways with colour. Getting a stunning cut requires input from you but also trust and confidence in your stylist
Ethnic Hair
Weave On’s – don’t just walk out of the salon after you have applied them, ensure you have an excellent cut first. Brush at least twice a day otherwise hair will mat and look as if it has no movement. You should shampoo weave at salon only at least every 7-10 days. Should be removed every 8 weeks when its time to re-touch
Ethnic hair is coarser in texture, has a tighter curl pattern and is much more delicate than Caucasian hair. It is easily damaged by colour and requires skilled handling and specific products dependant on the style chosen – cornrows, dreads, braiding, relaxing etc. African women often struggle to find a reputable salon they can trust so see below for details of fantastic ethnic hair salons
A Budget
Do request prices for all treatments, products and services offered, up front. There is nothing worse than getting a great haircut, but having to sell your car to pay for it
If you are getting a new style, your stylist should show you how to blow dry it, demonstrate what products they used and how to use them. The mark of a great cut is your ability to recreate the style on your own after a wash!
Latest trend news from Gary Rom
For Women
No matter where you are going hair must have movement and softness. Put away your straightening iron unless you can create curls with it and we are not teasing! Loose unstructured curls and movement is the “mane” theme next season. Summer will see the return of permanent waving unlike the “perms” of the 70’s and 80’s. Condition, manageability and versatility are the main objectives. Summer goddesses have their locks softly clipped away with a few plaits here and there for a night out on the town. No summer occasion will be complete without the hair accessory of the moment, a hair band in any shape and style. Next season will truly see the return to a more romantic time.
For Men
The trend is toward longer hair, a just “out of bed look”, very texturised cuts. Men are wearing a lot of styling aids. Enquire about Redken’s revolutionary new Camo range for men (to camouflage those grey hairs). Look out for their superb new grooming range
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you win hair services from Gary Rom valued at R 500 (sorry Gauteng only)
Gary Rom salons offer 1 hour client workshops - where you bring your own styling equipment and products and a stylist will teach you their correct use. If you want to know how to get curls, straighten frizzy hair, obtain more body? Contact one of their salons to book your own personalized workshop
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Marija Ruygrok from ACCENTS. Accents is one of South Africa’s leading soft skills training organisations specialising in Voice, Telephone and Communication Skills Training
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For upcoming trends Gary Rom from Gary Rom Hairdressing
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