Companies spend millions of Rands creating and maintaining their brands to exploit a world wide market place. Have you ever considered creating a new brand ... the authentic you? In this e–letter we will assist you to become the brand of choice, from how you do your work, right down to the clothes you will need to meet the challenges you have in your work life
The “Inside–Out Time” Workshop
15 July – Limited Seats
Looking tired? Feeling drab and dreary?
Are you looking after everything and everyone except yourself?
Needing to kick out of the rut and routine of your everyday life?
If YES is your answer you need to join us for a morning of
“Inside – Out Time”
Professional Impressions will provide you with:
The latest tips on the Winter trends, fabrics, styles, prints
Strategies on how to avoid pitfalls but obtain absolute must–haves
Ways to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank
A fresh insight into how to use colour to best enhance your looks
Avroy Shlain Cosmetics will show you how to
bring out your personal beauty by:

Becoming your own make–up artist in quick, no–fuss time
Updating your make–up techniques and shades
Angelique Du Toit from Women, Arise will inspire
and motivate you to:

Transform from the Inside
Empower yourself with confidence
Break out of a lifeless routine
Be more effective and marketable in the workplace
Make quality choices for professional and relational impact
Added value: Free gifts & hampers
Scrumptious snacks & refreshments
The Date: 15 July 2005
The Investment: R 150
The Venue: Avroy Shlain Cosmetics – Midrand

There is more to your life than you have ever dreamed of!
Seats are limited to 80 ladies only, so book now.
Call Cindy on 072 210 7316    email:
Are you a Self–Brander?
Did you know that Father Christmas was originally dressed in white and green? In the 1930’s Coca Cola offered to sponsor the Christmas display at Macey’s New York department store. However Coke felt that a green and white Santa didn’t reflect their brand message well enough. So ... Father Christmas had to get changed into the now famous Coca Cola’s red and white colours. Now that is brand power for you!
Currently you may be Tracy from the admin department. Wouldn’t you rather be “Tracy, you know the really well groomed girl on the third floor. She’s efficient, helpful and an absolute gem, she’ll help you out” Trust us Tracy will not be sitting in admin for long!
Our lives are governed by brands – from the car we drive, to the coffee we drink. Often we fail to realise that we too are brands and that others choose us – to marry, to hire, to promote, on a daily basis. Are you currently the brand of choice?
Winning brands have the following characteristics: They have integrity; we trust that they won’t let us down. Their quality is consistent and relevant to our needs. They are memorable, a great jingle, a funny T.V. ad. The average age of the world’s most valuable brands is in the order of a hundred years old – Omo, Jungle Oats, Ford. We continue to buy because of the brand’s durability. Successful brands identify then fulfil the client’s relevant needs.
So, then marketing and selling yourself needs to address these key criteria:
Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Ask yourself – “Who am I?, “What do I stand for?, “What do I believe in?, “Where do I want to go?”
  • Be true to yourself and your beliefs
  • Be first class in everything, from your image to your etiquette
  • Be accessible – you never know when a plum assignment could be handed to you because you chose to be at your desk rather than gossiping around the photocopier
Consistent quality
  • Consistent quality is non negotiable. Never loose track of your goals – reaffirm them, everyday if necessary
  • Keep assessing the relevance of what you are doing
  • Learn from others – what works and what doesn’t
  • Associate with winners, their brilliance will rub off on you. People will assume you too are in the same league as them
  • Enlarge your contact base – network to gain fresh ideas, different ways of doing things
  • Find yourself a mentor, someone you can bounce ideas off, or perhaps someone you aspire to be like e.g. Maria Ramos, Patricia De Lille
  • Identify your strengths, talents or gifts and invest in them. What would you like to be known for? Accurate and detail oriented – request jobs that highlight these skills and that will bring your attributes to others attention. Warm and empathetic – nurture this and it will draw others to you. Articulate – go on a Presentation course to further hone this skill. Great eyes –highlight them with make–up, learn to use them, be known for them
  • If you could encapsulate all of your attributes, and qualities into a short bumper sticker for your car– what would it say?
  • Look to develop you own unique style signature, so you are immediately identifiable, a stunning haircut, a gorgeous fragrance, interesting shoes etc
  • Be memorable – try and differentiate yourself from others in a positive way
  • If a strategy is not working don’t be scared to re–evaluate and change it
  • FAIL = First Action In Learning. Do not fear failing, by stumbling, falling and then picking yourself up again you will gain experience, self–knowledge and have a greater chance of success. Remember most multi–millionaires have a string of failed businesses before they striked it rich. It was their capacity to keep going that has lead to their success
  • Adaptability ensures durability
  • Constantly update your knowledge base – about your job and your industry
  • Remember – brands are not built in a day
Identify and fulfil needs
  • Take the initiative. Approach your manager. Do some market research. Find out what your clients or business needs are
  • Up skill yourself so that you can fill a niche, read the latest business publications – this will expand your horizons
  • Offer something that no one else can
  • Go the extra mile, this will always put you ahead of the pack
  • Concentrate on listening to others and finding out what they really need
As an employee of your company, you have the power to reinforce the quality and value of your products/ services by looking and acting the part, helping the company to achieve its full potential
Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says “Make me feel important”
Mary Kay Nash
“Power, Poise and Presence”
If you feel you/your staff are in need of personal rebranding/marketing contact us for a tailor–made programme that will assist you and your colleagues to do exactly this.
Obtain individual feedback and strategies to make your visual communication and self–branding a powerful and influential tool in today's corporate environment.
Contact us at Professional Impressions
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Careful Choice, Correct Outcome

Dressing in the mornings may be routine for you. However, there are certain occasions where it pays to take more time, effort into getting dressed .This will ensure that your stress levels will be reduced and the outcome will be a positive one.

Clothes do make the man. Naked people have very little influence
Mark Twain
The Job Interview
  • Ensure your visual image enhances the message you want to get across. Namely one of polish, capability and credibility
  • Do your homework. Ask the H.R. Department what the company's dress policy is
  • Ensure you mimic what is expected
  • The colour and style of clothing will depend on the type of industry you are interviewing for. More conservative industries – banking, law, pharmaceutical will require a more subdued choice , whereas industries like advertising, marketing, telecommunications, will allow for a more modern and up to date take on clothing
  • Rather overdress, than under dress. Err on the more conservative side than be too trendy. Choose more simple styles than too cluttered
  • Impeccable grooming, makeup is essential for a complete look
Asking for a Raise/Promotion
  • Always dress for the job you aspire to be in, rather than the one you are in currently. If there is someone you really admire in the organisation, take aspects of how they dress and put them to work for you. It helps if this is your manager, as people reward people like themselves!
  • Your visual image needs to signal to management that you are ready and able to handle greater responsibility
  • Choose your best quality clothing for the meeting
  • Wear some kind of jacket – may be soft or tailored
  • Jackets always speak of credibility. Even if you don’t wear one regularly, have one for important meetings
Important Meeting with Colleagues/Management
  • Avoid very light or bright colours, you want your co – workers to take you seriously. Limit your use of prints, as they may be distracting. Wearing a version of green will ensure you are perceived as calm, non– threatening and empathetic
  • Neutral colours always make an impact. Wear a lighter neutral in summer – beige, stone, grey. Darker neutrals work better in winter – chocolate, charcoal, navy
  • Small quantities of red – a shirt or a tie, gives the impression that you are confident, knowledgeable and decisive
Presentations to a Large Group
  • You do want to stand out and make your mark, so you can afford to look for stronger style and colour statements
  • Clothes must hang well, allow you to move effortlessly and be wrinkle free
  • Find out the colour of the background which you will be speaking against. A black suit against a black curtain will appear like you have a disembodied head
  • Know your audience, as you want to endear yourself to them, not alienate them. Ensure your level of dress is not too formal or too casual
  • Accessories should be kept to a minimum, avoid anything that is noisy it will be amplified by the microphone
  • Your glasses should be non reflective – remove if necessary
Stressful Occasions
  • Ensure that your clothes are comfortable and you are at ease in them. You have enough to worry about without wincing because your new shoes are too tight
  • Soothing colours (shades of blues and greens) can have a calming effect on you and your audience
Unsure what to get your dad, brother or your husband for Fathers Day? We will let you in to a secret ... men love our 1–on–1 consultations. It is a fantastic way for them to update their wardrobes and a chance for you to get rid of that dreadful patterned sleeveless jersey he insists on wearing!
Contact us for a tailor–made Personalised Consultation – a gift he would never consider for himself, but will thank you forever
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