Once again the wheel has turned and Spring, the season of rebirth and reawakening, is beckoning. It is amazing how quickly life passes by while we wallow in the comfort that familiarity breeds. Now is the ideal time for you to take action and create a personal reawakening in your life.
“Are you a Nobody living in the Land of Familiar?”
As the new season dawns we realize how much valuable time we have wasted living in the Land of Familiar while our Big Dreams fade into distant longings. Today you can actually begin to make them happen. Now is the moment for bringing your most treasured dreams to life.
You may be wondering if it isn't very selfish to follow these dreams, when there are so many problems in the world and so many responsibilities to be met. Not at all, in fact the selfish thing to do is to hide your dreams away and deny them life. In the process of following your Big Dream, you cannot help but add enormous value to the lives of others.
Step out of your Comfort Zone today
Fear of failure and of the unknown has kept us safely within the boundaries of Familiar. Next thing we know, we are 65, sitting on the ‘stoep’ and regretting that we never took that journey beyond our comfort zone to pursue our Big Dream.
Your Comfort Zone is a place where everything in our lives is settled and comfortable, on the surface everything looks great. Things may not be perfect but everything “just works”. Our comfort zones are made up of routines and familiar names and places.
But below the surface of our Comfort Zones are some unanswered questions like,
“Am I on track to fulfilling my real dreams?”
“Is this really all I want out of life?”
“Do I have a Big Dream?”
Maybe you know what your dream is, but risk and fear have sent you running for cover?
How you know when you
are in a Comfort Zone ...
  • Even though you’re always busy, you don’t feel fulfilled.
  • Your Big Dream is always “on hold”.
  • The slightest hint of change makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • You’re prepared to sacrifice your own happiness for a sense of security.
“The trouble is, if you don’t risk anything,
you risk even more.”
– Erica Jong
Pursue your Big Dream ...
Somewhere deep within you is a dream, a vision for how life can be. These dreams inspire us and give a sense of passion and purpose to our lives. Now is the time for you to summon the strength to move beyond your Comfort Zone and begin to give these dreams to the world.
Try this “Dream” exercise
  • List 3 things you want from life.
    Don’t spend time thinking about them just write them down.
    (You might be surprised at what you want!)
  • On another piece of paper, write down all the negative thoughts you have about yourself that might stop you from achieving these dreams.
    eg. “I’m too old to do this.”
    “I won’t be any good at that so why even try?”
  • Keep writing everything that comes to mind for at least 3 minutes without editing anything you write.
  • When you have finished, take a deep breath, and read each thought out loud. Precede each thought with this phrase, “I release the following self-sabotaging belief from my life.” As you say the thought, visualize yourself letting it go.
  • When you are done, destroy the piece of paper you wrote your negative thoughts on. You have now released your dreams from any shackles that you may have attached to them, keeping them from becoming a reality in your life.
Now that you have discovered some of your dreams, it is time to pursue them. Take action and watch the magic happen as results begin to pour into your life.
Begin the Dream Journey
  1. Clarify your Dream. If you had to lose the piece of paper that you wrote your dreams on and then found it again in a year’s time, would there be enough information on it for you to understand exactly what you meant?
    eg. “I want a better job”, is too vague.
    Clarify what you want by writing, “I want a job that gives me both financial freedom and personal satisfaction while still allowing me enough time to spend with my family.”
  2. Stepping stones. Decide what specific achievements would indicate that your dream has been realized.
    eg. Be able to say, “I want to do a course in painting so that I will be able to paint a portrait of my family in oils.” Rather than simply, “I want to learn to paint.”
  3. Give your Dream a time frame, this will help prevent procrastination and keep your Big Dream from becoming an illusion.
  4. Start a “Big Dreams” journal
    Give each dream it’s own chapter. Begin the chapter by writing a Mission Statement and a Plan of Action. Every day take a step towards realizing one of your dreams and write down the results in your journal.
“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
– Saint Francis of Assisi
Power Tip: Install a safety net
Make yourself accountable to a few trustworthy people and allow them to encourage you when you feel like abandoning the quest for your Big Dream. The support of these people will help you to remain on the path to completion no matter what failures you may experience along the way.
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Celebrate Spring
Clear the Clutter
The reason why so many of us are confused about our purpose in life is simply because we are so bogged down with everyday clutter. Disorganisation and clutter in all areas of our lives drains our energy and leads to confusion. Not only does it add to the chaos in our lives it also leaves us feeling stressed, rushed and frustrated with the life we have.
Remember “Order is the first law of nature”?
When your life and affairs are not in order there is no room for Purpose and Clarity to prevail in your life. To fully enjoy the fruits of Purpose and Clarity, we must first bring order to all areas of our lives.
“When you order your visible life, you order your mind”
– Iyanla Vanzant
Spring-Clean your Wardrobe
Many of us spend hours agonising in front of our closets at this time of year. We struggle to wade through the piles of clothes to find something suitable to wear as we suddenly realise that we wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Wow, that leaves a lot of clothes redundant, simply taking up space.
Spring Clean your wardrobe this season and you will in fact reduce your levels of stress by saving time, space and money.
Making time to clear out your cupboards is about more than just tidying your shelves, it is about cleansing your “inner space”. It also means you won’t have to sift through piles of items to find that stunning white shirt you want to wear.
Handy Hints to Clear the Clutter:
  • Begin by allocating at least 4 hours to this creative cleaning. Mark the time in your diary and stick to it. If necessary, make prior arrangements for the kids and take the phone off the hook.
  • Draw a sketch of your cupboard’s interiors and make a rough allocation of where everything should be.
  • Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last year and have a dustbin bag handy for rubbish.
  • “When in Doubt ... Throw it Out!!!”
  • Do not hoard “thin” clothes! If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.
  • Prepare 2 boxes:
    Label one SELL - A second hand store will pay for your unwanted clothing.
    Label one GIVE AWAY - Give things to a friend you know will appreciate it or donate these clothes to a shelter or other charity organisations.
  • Throw away those horrible wire hangers. There is a reason they are free - these hangers damage your clothes and ruin their shape.
  • Put away last season’s clothes to create more space.
  • Pack underwear and socks into baskets.
  • Keep your shoes in their boxes to prolong their life. Label each box to prevent the contents from being a mystery.
  • Reserve your cupboard floor for the shoes you wear most often.
  • Rather than attempting to keep towers of T-shirts tidy, install a shelf halfway between 2 existing ones. You will have smaller piles to sort through.
  • Hang jackets, trousers, shirts and skirts in groups, then colour co-ordinate these groups. You will be amazed at the new possibilities for outfits that you will discover using this technique.
  • Only hang 1 shirt/pant/skirt/jacket per hanger.
3 Principles for an Organised Wardrobe
  1. Visibility: you must be able to see what you have
  2. Accessibility: You must be able to easily reach all items
  3. Flexibility: Your wardrobe and needs change, so your space should be adaptable.
Update Your Wardrobe
Now that you have cleared your wardrobe you can realistically take stock of what you have, what you need and even what you want.
We have put together a short list of spring’s latest trends that you can add to your newly organized wardrobe but before rushing off and spending a small fortune on the latest trendy items consider this ...
  • What occasion am I buy it for – work, social, sporty?
  • Is it appropriate for the occassion?
  • Does it suit me? Does it fit me?
  • Does it match 3 other items in my wardrobe?
Fantastic Fabrics
  • Sheers: Chiffon, viscose and georgette and light, lacy fabrics
  • Fine knits: Cashmere
  • Naturals: Cotton and linen
  • Metallics: Satin and satin effect finishes
  • Textures: surface dots, brocade, net-tulle
  • Detailed: Sequins, beading and embroidery
Sleek Styles
  • Tailored Elegance: Fitted blazers. Empire-line sundresses.
  • Lingerie look: Camisoles, ruffled and tiered blouses, Grecian lines and soft, layered dresses
  • 50’s Retro: Neat box jackets, cropped Capri pants , skinny stovepipes, fitted cardigans and full circle skirts
  • 80’s Retro: Mini skirts, masculine refined trousers, halter-necks, bomber jackets and batwing sleeves
Creative Colours
  • Brights: The colours of the moment Screaming Canary yellow Fuchsia, Turquoise, Watermelon
  • Pastels: Delicate lilac, pale pink, lemon and dove grey
  • Nauticals: Red, black, white and deep blue
  • Contrast: Black, white and cream accentuated with shades of pink
  • Naturals: Caramel and stone, subtle orange, peach, salmon, terracotta and teal
  • Greens: All shades from mint, to emerald to khaki
Playful Prints
  • Florals: Soft faded Vintage floral blooms
  • Retro: Polka-dots and Pucci
  • Contrast: Zig-zag, solid and broken stripes
  • Creative: Tie-dye effects, abstract geometric patterns
  • Romantic: Ribbons, bows, corsages
      Mixing prints like florals and polka dots is the furore this Season
Artful Accessories
  • Vintage: Aged leather bags, huge film star sunglasses, brooches
  • Florals: soft faded Vintage floral blooms
  • Plastic: Perspex belts, bangles and earrings. See-through, plastic handbags
  • Shoes: Kitten heels, wedges, flat ‘ballet’ pumps, lots of buckles, see through straps
  • Scarves: Polka dot silky long draping scarves tied softly around the waist
If you are unsure of what colours and styles suit you best, contact Professional Impressions for a Personalised Consultation.

You will learn what colours, styles, fabrics,trends can do for you, how to make the most of your assets as well as how to make your wardrobe work for you.

For more information contact Professional Impressions
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