This is always a difficult time of year, tempers are frayed, the heat is getting to us all and we are hard pressed to complete our given tasks so that we can enjoy our well deserved break. However this is also meant to be a time of great joy and celebration.
We owe it to ourselves and to others to seek out that joy and to spread it to those near us.
“When you live with joy, that joy infects the world around
you. When you live each moment with joy, you see that joy
reflected back to you from all directions.”
Ralph Marston
On behalf of myself and my team we would like to thank you for making 2004 the most succesful, stimulating year to date!

We feel blessed to have been involved with yourself personally as well as your company. We wish you a peaceful and joyful festive season. In 2005 standby to be wowed with our new programmes, fresh initiatives and fantastic e-letter tips!

With all our love
Abundant Joy
Joy is the realization that all we want or need in life we already possess within ourselves, merely waiting for the chance to reveal itself When you keep your mind and heart focused on joy, the joy of living, growing and knowing. It becomes a state of mind rather than something elusive that you can never quite attain.
“Real joy cannot be earned, attained or achieved.
It is there when you accept it and allow it.”
When the big things drain our energy, sap our optimism; it is the little things that put us back together.
Here are some simple ideas to re–discovering the joy in your life:
Indulge your senses with joy
  • Save on electricity–spend an entire evening reading, eating by candle light
  • Visit an art gallery, a museum, go to a concert, even just visit a flea market and let the creativity of others fill you with joy
  • Do something silly, like dancing in the rain, wearing those ghastly paper crowns found in Christmas crackers, have Ghost Pops for supper
  • Stand outside after the rain and smell the fragrance of the earth
  • Luxuriate in a lavender scented bath, surrounded by candles, glass of wine in your hand and the children watching a video!
  • Listen to soothing music (Josh Groban, City of Angels) a change from the often mindlessly, repetitive music played on the radio
  • Plant and watch something grow, even if it is a sunflower or a mini herb garden on your back window sill
  • Go ahead and indulge yourself, forget the calories have a double thick choc nut milkshake with cream and a Flakey
“ Aim high – but not over the top. How can you feel joy if you weigh your life down with unreachable goals?”
Try doing something challenging
  • Phone someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and make their day
  • Clear out your cupboards, oh! the joy of actually finding things again
  • Laugh at yourself when the going gets tough. Ask yourself; “Will I even remember this crisis 1 year from now”
  • Make a list of 10 hope inspiring items e.g. a drop in interest rates, the generosity of fellow South Africans. Next week add 10 more. If you keep your eye on the Good News around you, you will spend your life being joyful
  • Express your gratitude to those that mean a lot to you in a letter, poem or picture
During this holiday season allow yourself more time to find joy daily:
Going to the beach
  • Build a sand castle, with the moat and the towers!
  • Walk on the beach first or last thing in the day before the crowds get there
  • Hold hands with someone you love
  • Put your ear to a sea shell–listen to the sounds of the ocean
  • Collect sand and shells and create your own beach in a beautiful bowl when you get home
Staying at home
  • Lie on a blanket in your back garden, on your veranda and look at all those stars, then wish on one
  • Have a midnight picnic
  • Watch a thunderstorm from the comfort of your bed, be awed by natures power
  • Join the local library, why not read one of your favourite childhood books again? Or read a magazine or newspaper you would not usually choose
  • Acquire a new hobby – learn a language, try the latest scrapbooking craze
  • Enjoy the quieter roads and shopping centres– sloooow down
“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present”
Jim Rohn
Giving joy at Christmas
  • Give of your time – offer to baby–sit for a friend, offer a pensioner a lift to the mall to do her Christmas shopping, offer to wash your partners car, take your neighbours dog for a walk
  • Give someone the gift of learning, membership to a club or course of lessons in anything from cake decorating to Latin dancing
  • Bake or buy mince pies and distribute to the paper seller, hawkers or beggars at the traffic lights
  • Make some child’s, not your own, dream come true
  • Give or do something for the sheer joy of it, with no expectation of thanks or acknowledgement
  • Re– learn the words for all the traditional Christmas carols, sing them in the bath, in the lift as long as it is with gusto
  • Send Father Christmas YOUR Christmas wish list
  • Kiss your partner/husband/cutie under the mistletoe
  • Give generously to those less fortunate:
          The Sunflower Fund (Bone Marrow donations)
                021 799–3116
          The Starfish Foundation (HIV orphans)
                011 259–4000
          The Compassionate Friends (bereaved families)
                011 330–6322
At New Year
  • Forget your yearly list of resolutions rather write an aspirations list
  • Write down on slips of paper all your unfinished business from the past year, your mistakes, hurts and disappointments. Place them in a box then toss them in the bin where they belong. Start a–fresh with joy in your heart, a glint in your eye and a smile on your face
If the year has left you more than a little drained, why not kick start 2005 with one of the following courses for you and your staff:
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A Work in Progress will encourage you to take a step back and re–evaluate your life. This presentation will enable you to see yourself and others in a new way.
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Can you pack for Perth or Poffadder?
Strategies to ensure your holiday is sun and fun filled
The challenge of packing is to be prepared for multiple situations without bringing everything you own. Perfect packing doesn’t mean doing without, rather it should give a multitude of mix and match options and still leave a little space for those unexpected holiday purchases
Starting point for packing will always be your choice of what you put your clothes in
  • Choose a suitcase with expandable sections – these are versatile able to grow or shrink depending on your trip
  • Leaving lots of empty space in your suitcase causes more wrinkles than overstuffing your case. Choose the size you require carefully. If you are planning on making lots of purchases while away, rather pack a collapsible carry–all in your case
  • Choose a bag with a wide, comfortable shoulder strap, or invest in a bag with handle and wheels. Spend more on quality, saving yourself the annoyance of broken zips, torn seams and handles and wheels that collapse at inconvenient moments
  • Customize your bag in some way, bright baggage label, ribbon round the handle – there are always at least six bags just like yours going round and round on the carousel!
  • Ensure your case is fitted with a strong lock
  • Clean you case after a trip as they get grimy in aircraft holds and in car boots
  • Place the following in your carry on case in the unfortunate event of loosing your luggage:
    • Medicines
    • Eyeglasses/Sunglasses
    • Jewellery
    • Purse/wallet
    • Business or travel documents
    • A set of underwear and pyjamas
    • Anything breakable e.g. camera
    • Address book or hotel contact details
    • Essential toiletries e.g. toothbrush, deodorant
And now what to pack ...
  • Do your homework of what is ahead of you:
    • How long is your trip?
    • What kind of weather can you expect? (
    • Is it business, pleasure or a mix?
    • Location– beach, skiing, a city holiday?
    • Where are you staying? Hotel, house etc and what kinds of amenities do they have (do you pack your blow–dryer, do you pack washing powder?)
    • How long are you away for?
  • List what you plan on doing – swimming, dancing, horse riding etc then list what clothes and accessories you will require for these activities
  • Lay all the outfits out and ensure there is no duplication. Try on outfits to ensure fit and that they are not in need of cleaning or mending
  • Think big picture – everything must mix and match. Remember the match 3 principle every item you pack must go with at least 3 other items
  • Choosing one base colour preferably a neutral will make mixing easier. Scarves, thin knits and t–shirts can be used to bring in colour
  • Darker colours look better after a second wearing than lighter ones. Prints show creases less than plains
  • Plan on layering your clothes rather than packing very bulky knits
  • Maximum 4 pairs of shoes and that include the ones on your feet!
Now comes getting it in the Bag!
  • Do up all zips, buttons etc to ensure things lie flat
  • Pack heavier, flatter items at the bottom of the case
  • Pack stuff you require as soon as you arrive close to the top
  • Place easily creased clothes in plastic dry –cleaning bags
  • Shoes are best packed heel to toe and in clear plastic bags and then fitted in to available nooks
  • Cosmetics should be in their own bag and even if possible in a separate compartment. Tighten all lids if changing altitude, flying or going to the coast – to avoid leaking. Decant large bottles into smaller travel size containers or use trial sizes
  • Curl belts around the inside edge of cases, never roll them it damages the leather

    To fold a jacket:
    1. Place in a dry–cleaning bag.
    2. Fold in ½ lengthwise with labels facing out
    3. Fold jacket at shoulder end not in half or at the bottom creases –won’t come out
    4. Place other jackets alternating shoulder ends at either side of the bag
    To fold skirts and pants:
    1. Fold in half aligning seams to maintain creases
    2. Place waistband of pants against edge of case with legs hanging over edge of case
    3. Fold pants mid–knee and skirts in half. This creates a natural crease as if you had sat down
  • Hang clothes up as soon as you arrive. If necessary create steam in the bathroom by turning the shower on full and placing clothes in the bathroom not the shower!
Wrinkles are not an acceptable accessory!
Here are suggested items for a week long trip
Beach City
  • Cotton sundress
  • Soft skirt
  • Cropped pants
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • Beach sarong
  • 6 t–shirts
          – 1 crisp white
          – 3 plain
          – 2 print
  • 2 camisole or racer back tops
  • Light sweater or jacket
  • 2 costumes
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Slops
  • Pretty low heeled sandals for evening
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach bag
  • Small evening bag
  • Dangly earrings, beads, bracelets and hair accessories
  • Tailored pants
          – 1 black
          – 1 neutral coloured
  • White shirt
  • 4 t–shirts
          – 1 crisp white
          – 2 coloured
          – 1 patterned
  • 2 smart tops
  • Lightweight twin set
  • Tailored neutral coloured skirt that can be worn with jacket
  • Jacket that you can layer under (weather dependant)
  • Low heeled shoes
  • Heels for evening
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewellery for day/evening
  • Accessories – handbags, scarves, pashmina
  • Shoulder bag for day
  • Small evening bag

Still unsure of what to pack? Convinced that you don’t have the right clothes?
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