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Be my guest on MNET's new  show

Tune into Let’s Chat with Mel on Wed 3rd Feb @ 8pm on Mnet Series Channel (110). I will be chatting to Melanie Bala on how to re-ignite and re-position your personal brand for your 2010 breakthrough. I will be sharing some powerful tips on how to create a remarkable impression with your visual and online digital brand.

Lets Chat with Mel is a stylish new talk show for women, by women, about women. It’s full of excitement, laughter, entertainment, advice, real life stories and a whole lot more.

If you would like to be a studio guest (Johannesburg) on one of the upcoming shows-email Seats are imited-so its on a first come, first served basis.
The next 3 episodes will focus on:
Body image - from the latest hair trends to plastic surgery
Food glorious food
Women's health

Remember to diarise Wed 3rd Feb @ 8pm on Mnet Series Channel (110) in order to prepare yourself for your coming breakthrough and abundant possibilities.


Bored with the usual training?

Are you looking for an entertaining yet educational way to uplift yourself, your team, colleagues to new heights?
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“Be the next Chief Breakthrough Executive”
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“First Impressions for Lasting Opinions”
Are you packaged for success?

“Power Etiquette”
What you don’t know can destroy your career.

“A Work in Progress”
Going from being Ordinary to Extraordinary.

“The Superwoman Syndrome”
Don’t know if you are coming or going? Trying to be everything to everyone?

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Congratulations to our new Miss South Africa-Nicole Flint

Last year ended with bang-after training the Miss South Africa’s semi-finalists,I attended the spectacular Miss SA 2009 pageant at the Sun City Superbowl on 13 December 2009. The 12 finalists wowed the judges, viewers and audience members with their beauty, elegance and intelligence.

I couldn't stop bopping in my seat to the music of the very talented Jesse Clegg,DJ Cleo, CODA and Chris Chameleon. However, my favourite was-Loyiso. Ladies not only is he gorgeous but when I got talking to him I realised this man oozes charm and sex appeal from every pore!

It was an evening brimming with glamour, drama and suspense.
Congratulations goes to the stunning new Miss South Africa, Nicole Flint. On the night, she wore a cascading cream ball gown with lengthy matching gloves designed by Malcolm Kluk – she could have easily passed as a princess!

Nicole is a 21 year old Public Relations Coordinator. Prior to winning Miss South Africa , she attended Damelin College, where she received the award for top Radio and TV student. She performed on air duties as "The Young Apprentice" on Jacaranda 94.2’s Breakfast Show as a result of her outstanding achievement at Damelin. With her public speaking skills and dedication to giving her all, I believe she will make the perfect ambassador for South Africa in 2010.

Nicole says that her grandmother has had the greatest influential impact on her life because she has always fought for the unconditional rights of all people.

Whilst working with Nicole on a 2009 project, I noticed that she is a true natural beauty who exudes elegance and style. Although she may come across as quiet and fragile, this young lady is passionately driven to serve South Africa's people and make a positive impression wherever she goes-YOU GO GIRL!

“I enjoyed & learned so much from Haydee’s workshop-specially from the body language, etiquette and inspirational sections. Thank you Haydee: You were born for Greatness! God Bless You.”
Nicole Flint
Miss South Africa 2009

Professional Impressions would like to credit:
The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford
Martha Beck-visit
Simon T Bailey-visit
Craig L Sanders-visit
Excuses Be Gone by Wayne Dyer
Ben Angel-visit
Lets Chat with Mel-Clive Morris Productions
Maxine's New Years Resolutions
Grizzly Adams Photography


10 Proven Ways to obtain your Breakthrough!

By now aren’t you so tired of the New Year resolutions media frenzy? I sure am. Exhausted of hearing “what are your new year resolutions?” I have decided that this year I have none.  Instead I am focusing on who I want to be in 2010. I am determined in obtaining my masters in the“Chief Breakthrough Executive” degree.

Two weeks ago I found myself at “breakdown point”. I had just experienced a 2nd miscarriage in less than 6 months, after I completed the work a client I trusted reneged on paying thousands of Rands, a business colleague I respected deceived me…and so on. Have you recently been through a challenging time? Have you said when is enough enough?
I realized I had lost faith in me until I read this passage:

“Greater is He that is in me–than he that is in the world”.
(1 John 4:4)

I decided there and then that my breakthrough was around the corner, that all my setbacks were just tests for my comeback and that the pijama look was no longer flattering. 

In this e-letter I share the latest ground-breaking techniques I implemented from some of my mentors on how to build your confidence and make your breakthrough happen-starting NOW.

May 2010 bring you the breakthroughs you desire the most.

With much love

PS.Send me and e-mail to - I would like to know how you are progressing towards your breakthrough.

In this E-letter:
Your Complimentary 2010 Affirmation Card
10 Proven Ways to obtain your Breakthrough
Be my guest on an MNET's new show
Bored with the usual company training?
Congratulations to the new Miss South Africa

Your 2010 Affirmation Card

To inspire you and keep you focused, here is a powerful 2010 affirmation created for you. Print it, place it where you can see it and read it with intention every day. Watch the positive changes start happening in your life.

10 Proven Ways to obtain your Breakthrough

Play the ‘what if’ game... Ben Angel
• What if... your life lesson was to go through hardship to understand what ‘really’ matters in life?
• What if... the business was meant to fail so you found your true calling in another area?
• What if... the struggle was simply to prepare you for more to come?
• What if... you got a deal tomorrow that turned your entire business around?
• What if... you gave up just before your breakthrough and things took off?

What did this exercise achieve? Most successful people have experienced a breakdown before they experienced a breakthrough moment.  For many it was impetus for momentus change in their personal lives and careers. It is about how much resilience you have and whether or not you have the persistence to do what it really takes to make it work. It is a test of personal strength.

Do a Consciousness CleanseDebbie Ford
When you clear away the outdated beliefs, behaviors and habits that are in your human operating system, you will be able to install the 2010 version of your greatest life. The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse is a detox diet for the soul. This cleanse is designed to purify your mind and emotions, bringing you strength, confidence and inner peace. It will clear away the difficulties of your past—your stress, hurts and resentments—which may cloud your perception and prevent you from reaching your heart-filled goals. To start visit

Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks! …Craig L. Sanders

Bounce Back- Learn the lesson and forget the drama. Failure is a chance to start over with a better strategy.
Read-leaders are readers. If you are going to get better at anything then you must expand your knowledge. Take a class, read a book, or do on-line research. Recommit to being a lifelong learner.
Reposition yourself-your identity is separate from your position or performance. You are not a failure just cause you failed at something. You are not less of a human because you lost a deal or a job.  Failure is not so much about you as much as the methods that you were using. Change your methods and you can change your life.

Know your soul's desires…Martha Beck
Write on a piece of paper, "Things I want." Then, list them—a new car, a better job, thinner thighs... Then on another page write, "Things I yearn for." You'll be writing things that didn't appear on your first list. If we want cars—we yearn for freedom and mobility. We want to be beautiful—we yearn for self-acceptance. So, identify what your soul really yearns for.

Mix with 360 degree thinkers...Simon T Bailey
When you do, you will begin to think and see like them. When you associate with 45 degree thinkers you will only think and see to a certain degree!
A job is what you are paid to do. Releasing your brilliance is what you are made to do. If you are not doing this, move on and do something else. Ok, so you are saying... " I have bills to pay, I can't just quit." Then transfer to a new division, sell your business, or get a new attitude. If you are not doing a spectacular job then you have a job that someone else needs.
Talk to the hand. That's what you need to tell all energy thieves, doom & gloom spreaders. If Steve Jobs would have listened to them the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes would not have been created. Don’t accept other’s pessimism, doubt or fear. If you have a dream of an idea, go for it. 

An Excuse-Free Year...Wayne Dyer
Excuses are thoughts that tell you that you don't have the ability to create the life you want.
Change your old excuses:
Excuse: It is/will be difficult.
Affirmation: With God (a Higher Power), all things are possible.

Excuse: I'm too old (or not old enough).
Affirmation: Age is an illusion—there is only now.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

If you implement these 10 proven strategies with intention you will begin to experience the breakthroughs that you truly desire and the future that you are longing for.
Send me and e-mail to and let me know how you are progressing in your breakthrough journey.


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